Logan Paul Is Criticized After His Reaction To Pig Rescue

Logan Paul’s Reaction To Pig Rescue: Disgraced Logan Paul, a former pig owned by Gentle Barn that was rescued from the wild, is now again universally despised. Logan Paul is a YouTube influencer turned amateur boxer turned NFT publisher. According to an email from TMZ, Paul thanked the group for saving Pearl, the teacup pig, who was alone in a field next to another deceased pig when the group found her.

The email’s opening line read, “I recently learned that Pearl, a pig I owned nearly two years ago, was saved and adopted by your group. Thank you with all the gratitude I can muster. The message continued by stating that Pearl lived “happily” in the YouTuber’s Encino residence for two years but that when he relocated to Puerto Rico in 2020, he was forced to find her a new home at a horse ranch in Santa Clarita.

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Before being rehomed once more to the farm “across the street,” Pearl reportedly only spent ten months there. The condition in which she was discovered is surprising and terrible, Paul wrote. “I wanted to personally thank you for taking her in,” I wanted to say.

Logan Paul's Reaction To Pig Rescue
Logan Paul’s Reaction To Pig Rescue

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The group recently received a report about a pig abandoned in a field, according to Gentle Barn’s TikTok post. When it got there, Pearl was discovered with a dead pig. She had “mangled” ears and appeared to have a uterine infection that may have been fatal.

She reportedly belonged to a well-known YouTuber before being carelessly rehomed, but Gentle Barn claims in the video that all it is confident of is that “she ended up abandoned and afraid.” Requests for a response from Paul and Gentle Barn were not immediately entertained. Follow Digitalnewsexpert.com for more updates.

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