Kim Petras Wins A Grammy For Sam Smith’s “Latch,” Making Her The First Out Transgender Woman To Do So

Sam Smith And Kim Petras Won Grammy: The historic victory by Kim Petras at the Grammy Awards on Sunday is undoubtedly a holy event. The German-born pop singer, who gained notoriety for her appearance on Sam Smith’s electropop hit “Unholy,” made Grammy history when she took home the trophy for best pop duo/group performance at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards. She is thought to be the first openly transgender woman to win the category’s top prize in music.

Because I’m the first transgender woman to win, Sam kindly asked me to take this award, Petras stated in her winning speech. “Sam, you truly are a hero and an angel in my life. I cherish you.” Petras gushed even more about her bond with Smith in the backstage area of the awards event.

Sam has been a particularly close friend and ally of mine, Petras remarked. “Sharing this with someone who has given me valuable life advice about dealing with other people’s perspectives is meaningful. I think I’ve learned a tonne. Sam won’t ever let go of me, and we’ll continue to sing the song forever.”

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In addition to Smith, Petras used her time on stage to pay tribute to other musical idols, such as Madonna (“I don’t think I could be here without Madonna”) and the late Sophie, a transgender electronic producer and DJ who passed away in 2021. “Sophie, you are such an inspiration,” Petras added. “I adore you, and you will always inspire my music.”

Viola Davis wins her first Grammy, joining the EGOT club. Petras also expressed her gratitude to her mother for her crucial role in her own path.

My mother thought I was a female since I grew up near a motorway in a rural area of Germany, Petras recalled. And without her and her assistant, I wouldn’t be here. Backstage, the “brrr” singer thought about the significance of her victory.

It’s been told to Petras over the years that she would be a niche artist whose songs would only be played in gay clubs. “I hope youngsters who saw this and feel they don’t belong and have a place in society feel inspired that you can be yourself and receive recognition for your talent instead of your gender or sexuality,” the author said.

Sam Smith And Kim Petras Won Grammy
Sam Smith And Kim Petras Won Grammy

Smith, a nonbinary musician who collaborated with Petras on “Unholy,” recently generated controversy with their other song, “I’m Not Here to Make Friends.” The song’s music video features scantily dressed dancers twirling on beds and in streams of water. On Twitter, individuals have criticized and defended the singer in response to the video.

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