Hulu’s Stolen Youth Documentary: How Did Larry Ray Get Caught?

The exploitative manipulation of a group of Sarah Lawerence pupils by Larry Ray is the subject of the new Hulu documentary series Stolen Youth.

Ray was sentenced to 60 years in jail for s*x trafficking, extortion, conspiracy, and forced labor last month after the case was made public in 2019 through a feature article in New York Magazine. The three-part documentary includes first-person stories of Ray’s assault over ten years. Here is the actual narrative that inspired the film:

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Who Is Larry Ray?

Beyond the pupils at Sarah Lawerence, Ray had an extensive network and was an effective manipulator. Before joining them, the Brooklyn native grew close to former New York City Police Department Commissioner Bernie Kerik. This friendship led to a time when the Brooklyn native worked as an FBI informant for a pump-and-dump stock fraud run by a capo in the Gambino family.

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“Every acquaintance Larry Ray has ever had has been the victim of this crazy con artist. Nearly 20 years have passed since I last heard from him, but his reign of terror still exists “in the New York Magazine piece, Kerik.

According to FBI reports, Ray was a dishonest informant who may have played the part of hiding his involvement in the Gambino stock fraud operation. He was charged in 2000 for participating in the conspiracy and received a five-year probationary period.

Hulu's Stolen Youth Documentary

By 2007, Ray would spend time once more due to a custody battle, which the prosecution claimed was a parole violation. When cleared of that accusation, he started preying on the Sarah Lawerence students.

How Did Larry Ray Get Catch?

2019 saw the publication of an article exposing Ray’s crimes with quotes from the victims and their families in New York Magazine. The FBI took him into custody in February 2020, several months later. Ray was found guilty on several counts, including extortion, s*x trafficking, and racketeering, in April 2022. According to New York Magazine, hereceived a sentence of 60 years in prison in January 2023.

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