Hugh Grant’s Polarizing Oscars Interview With Model Ashley Graham Goes Viral

Before Sunday’s Oscars presentation, Hugh Grant attended the red carpet. One of his interviews went viral online, garnering mixed comments from fans. Some social media users criticized Grant for his curt conversation with model Ashley Graham, who was covering the carpet for ABC, while others did not find it to be impolite.

When asked if he was excited to see anyone, or had his hopes up for any winners, Grant said he didn’t. When asked who he was wearing, Grant said “just my suit.”

When asked if it was fun to shoot “Glass Onion,” the Rian Johnson-helmed mystery in which Grant makes a short cameo, he said: “I’m barely in it. I’m in it for three seconds.” Several celebrities make cameos in the whodunit, many as themselves.

Graham said he must’ve still had fun while filming the movie. “Almost,” he replied. But for several observers, what stood out was Grant’s fast pivot away from Graham and raised-eyebrow expression. The video was often shared on Twitter and Instagram. “And the Oscar for the guy who totally doesn’t want to be there goes to Hugh Grant,” tweeted tech expert Lance Ulanoff. 

“Not Hugh Grant rolling his eyes at Ashley Graham. That was hard to watch,” podcaster Amanda Hirsh wrote on her @notskinnybutnotfat Instagram, where she covers pop culture.  While some commenters had sympathy for Graham, others thought she should have prepared different questions for the actor – and others didn’t see the interview as awkward or rude.

Natasha Devon, a British author, speculated that there might be a discrepancy in how Americans and Britons perceived the interview. “Americans think he was being rude, British people know he was just not being fake,” she tweeted. 

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BBC writer and broadcaster Matthew Sweet called Grant “brilliant.” “Hugh Grant being brilliant here. I once interviewed him and opened with some absurdly elaborate question and he said: ‘Look, you know I just do this for the money,'” he tweeted.

“Hugh Grant delivers a masterclass performance in apathy,” tweeted public relations professional James Melville. Others didn’t find him indifferent, but rude. “Hugh Grant was incredibly rude to this reporter. If you can’t be polite, say no to the interview,” tweeted media personality Kate Bevan. 

Hugh Grant's Oscars Interview With Ashley Graham

“I don’t understand this from Hugh Grant. If you don’t want to be interviewed, don’t take the mic, smile politely and keep walking. Kudos to @ashleygraham for trying repeatedly to get something interesting out of him,” tweeted diversity advocate April Reign.  Grant was glaringly absent from the lineup of celebrities in Graham’s several selfies taken on the red carpet. Neither celebrity has addressed their viral interview in the media.

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