Hailey Bieber Says She Struggled With A Little PTSD’ After Her Mini Stroke

Hailey Bieber Says She Struggled With A Little PTSD: The effects of her health crises on Hailey Baldwin Bieber’s continued physical and mental wellbeing are being discussed. The 26-year-old model was hospitalised in March after experiencing stroke-like symptoms brought on by a blood clot in her brain. Baldwin Bieber’s PFO, a little opening in the heart that didn’t shut properly after delivery, was discovered after she was admitted to the hospital.

She discussed her health experience on the most recent episode of The Run-Through with Vogue podcast, describing it as something that was “very scary and very jarring” while she was undergoing a procedure to close the PFO, which she described as going “very smoothly” in a YouTube video shortly after. She emphasised, “It was definitely the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced.

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She was in Palm Springs at the time of her health scare, according to Bieber Baldwin. She admitted that going to the location is “extremely triggering” for her even though she had visited it numerous times, even while the podcast episode was being recorded.

“Even the first few times I returned here afterward, it was a little bit of an odd triggering sensation for me because I still vividly recall everything that transpired at that that moment. The upside for me, though, is that it made me realise I had a hole in my heart “She continued, saying that in the months after her hospitalisation, she had discovered a lot about herself.

Hailey Bieber Says She Struggled With A Little PTSD
Hailey Bieber Says She Struggled With A Little PTSD

“After that, I had a lot of worry. I had some PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] symptoms, specifically the dread that it might happen again “She spoke up. “I simply felt like I never wanted to go through that feeling again. It was horrifying, shocking, and disorienting in every manner imaginable, to put it mildly.”

The founder of Rhode Skin continued by saying that although she is “open to speak about the experience if it could help anybody else,” it was “very hard to talk about” in the months immediately following it.

“Even the YouTube video I created for my channel was challenging for me. It reminds me of how I felt when I went through that event. As time goes on, talking about it becomes easier and easier. I simply want to express my gratitude for the wonderful physicians, nurses, and other support staff who helped me figure out what actually occurred “She spoke up. Follow Digitalnewsexpert.com for more updates.

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