Ghostrunner 2 Playstation Showcase 2023 Trailer: Leaves Fans Exited

On May 24, Sony announced Ghostrunner 2 at the PlayStation Showcase 2023. Fans were treated to a teaser trailer for the 2020 dystopian FPP slasher from 505 Games and One More Level. It has piqued the interest of fans of the original. This is because Jack is set to return to all platforms later this year after the publishers confirmed a sequel years ago.

Ghostrunner shared a Tweet about the upcoming game Ghostrunner 2. See the Tweet given below.

Since the release of Ghostrunner Complete Edition in mid-2022, rumors and concept artwork for a possible sequel have been making the rounds on the internet. The good news is that this sequel will be available to fans sometime in 2023, most likely in the third or fourth quarter. It’s worth noting that the developers of this game did not provide a specific release date.

The game takes place one year after the events of Ghostrunner, and its developers have stated that players will be able to experience the original’s fast-paced action with significant graphical and mechanical upgrades, taking Ghostrunner 2 to the “next level.”

Ghostrunner 2 Platforms

Ghostrunner 2, like the original, will be available on all platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows. This title will receive significant improvements, transforming it into a truly next-generation experience. This means that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be skipped.

Let’s check out some other upcoming games:

According to reports, the developers have no plans to release their game on Nintendo’s Switch. This sequel expands on the mechanics of its predecessor by introducing more difficult bosses and a new dialog system designed to help players immerse themselves more fully in Ghostrunner 2’s world.

Ghostrunner 2
Ghostrunner 2

The cyberpunk motorcycle that Jack can ride in certain levels is perhaps the most exciting addition to this game. This feature adds an interesting twist to navigating a world filled with exploding barrels and destructive walls. Outside the primary campaign, there will be leaderboards to compete with friends.

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