Finn Wolfhard Shockingly Spoilt Stranger Things Spinoff Plot

Finn Wolfhard On Stranger Things Spinoff: On set, Finn Wolfhard admitted that when making jokes about the show’s future, he unintentionally identified the concept for a “Stranger Things” spinoff.

On Wednesday, Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler in the popular Netflix series, made an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to promote his newest movie, “When You Finish Saving the World.”

The Duffer brothers, who created “Stranger Things,” were astonished when Wolfhard revealed he had an idea for a spinoff that they were already considering.

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So, when filming “Stranger Things 4,” Wolfhard added, “we were all discussing whether there will be” a spinoff. “In jest, say, “Oh, they’ll all have us back in 20 years.” We’ll all be chubby and old, asking, “Oh, Evan, where are you?”

And then I was like, “Oh, but, if you guys are genuinely going to produce a spinoff, it should be this,” he continued without divulging his big idea.

Ross Duffer and Matt Wolfhard reportedly exchanged glances before Ross Duffer pulled Wolfhard away for a conversation. In Wolfhard’s memory, “That is the idea,” they said. Who informed you? I responded, “No one.” They said, “What do you mean?” You simply kind of thought about it?” Well, no, I just thought that would be a cool way to kind of grow,’ I said. And they responded, “It is.”According to Wolfhard, the Duffers advised him to keep the concept to himself.

Finn Wolfhard On Stranger Things Spinoff
Finn Wolfhard On Stranger Things Spinoff

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The Duffer brothers announced last year that they intended to produce a stage play and spinoff television series centred on the “Stranger Things” universe. They admitted to Variety in May that only Wolfhard was aware of their spinoff concept.

The Duffer brothers said in an email to the publication, “We do have a concept for a spinoff that we’re really thrilled about… but we haven’t told anyone the idea yet, much less written it. “We anticipate that the concept will surprise everyone, including Netflix, because it is so drastically different. Finn Wolfhard, a child who is incredibly intelligent, nonetheless, managed to guess it right. But nobody else is aware besides Finn!”

Later, they claimed that the spinoff would be “1,000% different” from the original series and wouldn’t centre on existing characters on the podcast “Happy Sad Confused.” For more information, please visit

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