Destiny 3 Is Trending On Twitter As Fans Grow Tired Of Destiny 2

Over the course of its six-year lifespan, Destiny 2 has been subjected to significant evolution. Players have reacted negatively to some massive changes and additions that have been made to the game, while the community has received some changes in a positive manner. However, as of late, there has been some talk among the player population about renaming the game and giving it an entirely new feel, which has stirred up a lot of excitement.

Even though there is only a remote possibility that Destiny 3 will be released, the idea has been trending on Twitter for the past few years. Both New Light and Veterans are having a discussion about whether or not Destiny 2 in its current form requires an overhaul. The topic is being discussed by both groups.

In conclusion, it would appear that there are two distinct parts of the community. The other half isn’t too keen on the idea, but one side believes that everything should be made from scratch.

Destiny Fans Want A New Game After Destiny 2

Before delving into the narrative, it is important to point out that the current discussion surrounding Destiny 3 is being driven solely by the community and does not include any official confirmation from Bungie. The conclusion to the saga that has been going on the longest in Destiny 2 is getting closer than it ever has been, with more than a year’s worth of content planned for release.

So below we have given some Tweets from the fans of the game. You can read them and see the reaction of the community.

Bugie Announcement On Their Showcase

Even though Bungie has already mentioned in one of its showcases that Destiny 2 will be an ongoing project for the time being, because the developers didn’t feel that it was the “right direction” for the series, they decided to continue working on it anyway. In spite of this, a recent post by The Destiny Show has caused quite a stir among a number of different players, with the following being stated in it.

Destiny 3
Destiny 3

“Unpopular opinion. Destiny 3 needs to happen.”  At this time, more than 600,000 people have viewed the post, and it has received a number of retweets and quotes. As was mentioned, some members of the community are enthusiastic about the prospect of a complete overhaul with the introduction of a brand-new engine, while other members are opposed to the idea of yet another game featuring recycled content.

Talking about the showcase announcement how can we forget the PlayStation Showcase which could take place in May?

Hence, while the idea of something new seems to be lively for a lot of players, others don’t want to grind every piece of weapon and armor piece from the start. Due to this, additional ideas came pouring in later, where a specific percentage of players suggested an overhaul alongside progression transfers similar to Overwatch 2. These are just community-driven suggestions with a slim chance of appearing on the official servers. The current expansion has three more seasons remaining, as players can expect the final expansion to hit somewhere in February 2024.

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