California Crazy New Year: The Craziest New Year’s Eve Celebrations Where Revellers Will Welcome 2023.

California’s Crazy New Year: The Christmas arctic blast affected areas will see extreme warmth to finish 2022 and ring in the new year due to a reversal in the weather trend over North America.

While the FOX Forecast Center does not predict a particularly warm period, it does predict that high temperatures in parts of the Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest will be 10 to 20 degrees above average.

Although precipitation won’t be kept at bay by the East’s warmth, the majority of it will fall as rain rather than snow or ice over this holiday weekend.

In the West and the Rockies, it will be a different story since a powerful storm system will bring rain and snow as well as colder temperatures, notably in the Golden State.

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The FOX Weather meteorologist Marissa Torres said, “We went into Christmas with just terrible weather, and we’re ending the year with quite a bit of rain and snow out West.” Good news if you’re hoping to spend New Year’s Eve skiing, especially if you live in the Rockies.

In order to witness the almost 12,000-pound ball with 2,668 Waterford crystals fall high above Times Square on New Year’s Eve, all eyes are typically on New York City. When the clock strikes midnight, the weather will be warm with sporadic showers, similar to the majority of the East Coast.

California’s Crazy New Year
California’s Crazy New Year

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According to computer forecast models, temperatures may reach approximately 50 degrees, which is significantly higher than average for a location where afternoon highs often only reach the lower 40s. Brigit Mahoney, a meteorologist for FOX Weather, warned that it might be a little damp. Naturally, you’ll want to bring the poncho.

There will be other cities ringing in the new year besides the Big Apple. Communities from coast to coast are preparing to celebrate. Every municipality in the country puts its own unique touch on the event, which is observed all across the world, with decorations ranging from huge pierogis to PEEPS and conch shells. Here are some of the wildest New Year’s Eve celebrations where partygoers will ring in 2023. Follow for more updates.

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