Blueface Speaks Out About Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock has endured years of trolling, teasing, and criticism due to her association with Blueface. More lately, there have been calls for the young celebrity to get assistance, particularly after she disclosed her issues with her mental health. Their frequently acrimonious relationship had made for exciting reality television, but a recent No Jumper footage has sparked fresh doubts.

The website posted a video of Blueface and Rock’s visit today. It appears that Chrisean had an emotional outburst in the middle of the interview after something triggered her.

The video starts with Blueface lounging on a couch while his fiancée screams in the distance. Then he commands the guards to “take her outdoors.”

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The camera quickly pans to Chrisean, seated on the ground and surrounded by multiple individuals. As he scoops her up and leads her outside while restraining her, the security guard informs her that she must leave. Rock follows that by kicking her legs and breaking a monitor.

The couple has engaged in a Twitter conflict for the past few days. Their relationship problems frequently come to light on social media, but Chrisean wrote a letter detailing her hardships after the most recent incident.

Blueface Speaks Out About Chrisean Rock
Blueface Speaks Out About Chrisean Rock

“Dear readers, I apologize, Blue. I’m sorry,” Rock said. “All I ask is for everyone to pray for me… Since I was a little child, I have battled depression and attempted suicide because I believe life has always been difficult. She admitted to ignoring her family and said that she despises herself.

The dark cloud that is trying to engulf me is saying, I’m heading out of this darkness quickly. I’ll be somewhat back to myself if I pray more, Rock added. “I lost my identity and grew increasingly depressed, drinking a lot, and my depression began to resemble selfishness because I stopped being there for people.” Stay tuned with us for the latest updates like this only

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