Alex Murdaugh Murder Trial To Bodies Of Wife And Son

Infamous legal scion As prosecutors revealed gory facts about the autopsies carried out on his kid and wife, Alex Murdaugh started crying.

The state presented forensic pathologist Dr. Ellen Reimer with images of Maggie and Paul’s autopsies on Monday, the fourteenth day of the trial.

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Due to the violent nature of the images, the prosecution asked that the courtroom cameras not display them, and Judge Clifton Newman agreed.

Alex Murdaugh Murder Trial

As Dr. Reimer described how he thought Paul was standing and facing his assailant when he was shot, Mr. Murdaugh started crying. According to Dr. Reimer, Paul was most likely hit in the chest at first but managed to stand up before suffering gunshot wounds to the left shoulder and head, which caused him to pass away immediately.

Maggie Murdaugh was shot in the left breast first, and the bullet climbed upward and struck her in the left side of the face. According to Dr. Reimer, she was hit in the chest and the back of her head while bending over due to the second shot going through her kidney.

The forensic psychologist also testified that while Paul was murdered with a shotgun, the same assailant attacked Maggie with a rifle.

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