85-Year-Old Florida Woman Killed In Alligator Attack While Walking Dog

While walking her dog on Monday, an alligator attacked and killed an 85-year-old Florida woman. The fatal encounter took place at Spanish Lakes Fairways, a 55+ neighbourhood close to Fort Pierce in St. Lucie County, soon after midday.

Locals informed WPTV that an alligator grabbed the woman’s dog as she was walking it. She was killed while attempting to save the dog from the alligator.

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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said the woman who was killed was 85. Her name wasn’t released.

St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara said the alligator was close to 11 feet long. After being called to the site, an alligator trapper was able to capture it and get it out of the area.

St. Lucie County Woman Killed By Alligator

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