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Netflix Has Cancelled Mike Flanagan’s ‘Midnight Club’ After Only One Season

Netflix Cancelled Midnight Club

Netflix Cancelled Midnight Club

Netflix Cancelled Midnight Club: Mike Flanagan, one of the most prominent directors in the horror genre, has become a household name thanks to his knack for effective visual storytelling and deep appreciation of the macabre and chilling.

Some of the director’s finest limited-series works debuted on Netflix, contributing to the director’s rise in fame in recent years. Mike Flanagan’s time at Netflix was brief, and now the director of Midnight Mass is looking for a new home. If he needs a break from the movie business, Amazon Studios seems like a good bet.

Netflix Cancels Mike Flanagan Series Amid His Exit Report

Mike Flanagan, the brilliant and horrifying mind behind the Netflix show The Haunting of Hill House, quickly landed another self-contained, limited series titled The Haunting of Bly Manor. Flanagan’s overnight reputation as a cultural force was established by the two stories, which were similar in many ways but vastly different in execution, among the younger generation of Netflix binge-watchers looking for something that isn’t tedious in its cyclical, never-ending seasons and predictable plots.

Once Midnight Mass premiered, it quickly rose to the top of the charts, making it Flanagan’s third consecutive hit on Netflix. As a thank you to his devoted Netflix audience, Flanagan quickly announced that Midnight Mass would not be a limited series but would instead continue beyond the first season.

Since The Midnight Club had outstayed its welcome on the stage, irony had to decide that it was unworthy of such ambition and remove it as a gift. After the shocking first-season finale, Netflix abruptly pulled the plug.

Mike Flanagan’s success formula for Netflix shows typically only lasts for one season, and unfortunately, that trend has now caught up with The Midnight Club as well. The declining ratings for the show only bolstered the streaming service’s decision to cancel it.

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Despite creator Mike Flanagan’s promise to provide a satisfactory closure to his viewers and not leave them high and dry if the series failed to reach its decided resolution, reports of his leaving Netflix for a more lucrative multiyear contract with Amazon Studios added to the finality of that decision.

The audience is then left to speculate as to whether or not Flanagan knew about the unwarranted hint of cancellation and had already marked an exit strategy prior to Netflix’s official announcement.

Fans Demand Mike Flanagan Keep His ‘Clayface’ Promise

It’s not often that a director with Mike Flanagan’s level of intelligence and imagination is eager to dive headfirst into the comic book film genre.

Mike Flanagan’s approach to picking up one of the most underrated comic book villains aka Clayface was lauded and received universal praise, especially in light of the current trend of great filmmakers criticising the CBM industry for striving to achieve narrative escapism, overarching vision, and heroic idealism.

His last hint at entering the DC film universe was nearly two years ago. Given the deluge of scandals, mergers, cancellations, backlash, and negative criticism that DC has endured since January 2021, Flanagan’s silence on the Clayface promise is understandable.

Fans have been demanding that he take on the project ever since he announced his departure from Netflix, believing that his fascination and expertise with physical horror would do the story justice in the hands of the auteur.

Netflix Cancelled Midnight Club

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Since Matt Reeves is dead set on creating a massive Batman universe complete with multiple spin-off projects, now is the ideal time for Flanagan to start putting out feelers about making a Clayface live-action film/series.

Bringing one of Batman’s most recognizable foes, Clayface, to the big screen for the first time and pitting him against Robert Pattinson’s hyper-realistic Dark Knight would be a huge success. With any luck, Flanagan will be able to make the surrealistic villain work in the otherwise bleak realism of the Matt Reeves universe.

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