Naruto Manga Panels: There Will Be 15 Soul-Stirring Naruto Manga Panels In 2022

Naruto Manga Panels: Throughout the seventeen years that the Naruto manga was in print, many panels stood out to fans and developed their own cult followings.In this article, I will discuss 18 Extremely Powerful Manga Panels from Naruto that illustrate why this series is so iconic.

1. Naruto Manga Panels: Itachi Gets Reanimated 

You can see just how badass Itachi Uchida was in this Fourth Great Ninja War panel. Itachi’s icy, sly conversations are extremely difficult to get through. Kabuto’s plot to reanimate Itachi to fight for him backfires in this scene, depicting their epic showdown. The only flaw in his reanimation Jutsu, Itachi tells him, is himself.

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2. Naruto Manga Panels: Itachi And Sasuke Final Goodbye

This manga page is among the saddest in the entire Naruto series. During the Great War, Itachi is resurrected and has the opportunity to meet Sasuke and bid him farewell. Saskuse has intense emotion as he finally seeks closure for killing his sibling. Itachi comforts Sasuke by telling him he can go in any direction he wants.

3. Naruto Manga Panels: The world shall know Pain

It’s a famous panel from the naruto manga. This was the turning point that ultimately brought down the secret leaf village. The pain, the most powerful of the Akatsuki, launches an assault on the village. In the manga panel, we get a bird’s-eye view of the Hidden leaf village just before it is destroyed by the Pain.

4. Naruto Manga Panels: Naruto’s first Kyuubi Transformation

It’s the first time Naruto fans have seen the true potential hidden within Naruto. Team 7 is out on a mission when they come with a powerful enemy, who ends up severely injuring Sasuke. It causes Naruto to lose his temper and act irrationally. Because of this, he takes on a vaguely fox-like appearance as the malevolent chakra of the nine-tailed fox leaks out of him.

5. Naruto Manga Panels: Birth of Tobi

Among the manga panels here, this one has some of the most gloomy imagery. This is the lowest point in Obito’s life. Both he and his best friend perished in the tragedy. To the outside world, Obito died today, and a new, vengeful youngster named Tobi was born.

6.Naruto Manga Panels: Naruto 8 Tail Transformation

So far, this is the closest Naruto has come to a complete metamorphosis into the nine-tailed fox. When Naruto finally gave in to his rage and suppressed his morality, he went on a major killing spree. It’s one of the most memorable moments from the whole Naruto series.

7. Naruto Manga Panels: Obito And Kakashi Parallel Sharingan

The Sharingan connects Obito and Kakashi even more closely than their animosity does. Kakashi has Obito’s Sharingan power. This manga page features a dramatic close-up of two combatants, one on each side, whose Sharingans have been activated and are about to clash.

8. Naruto Manga Panels: Naruto’s Promise To Sakura

It’s a pivotal moment in the Naruto series and one of the most famous manga pages ever drawn. The panel represents a turning point in the story’s three main characters’ lives. After leaving the secret leaf village, Naruto tells Sakura that he will return with Sasuke.

Naruto Manga Panels
Naruto Manga Panels


Naruto Manga Panels: Kaguya Cries Seeing Naruto And Sasuke

The Great Ninja War’s final antagonist, Kaguya, brings together Naruto and Sasuke. They are taken aback to see that she is crying upon meeting her face to face. Kaguya recognises reflections of her boys in them and experiences mild sentimentality as a result. That sequence is one of the most memorable in the entire manga.

10. Naruto’s Heartbreak

That Naruto has had a childhood crush on Sakura is common knowledge. Therefore, Naruto is taken aback and recognises the amount of love that Sakura has for Sasuke when he sees Sakura sobbing in the arms of Sasuke, and that it will never change, in the company of Sasuke.

11. Naruto Meets His Mom For The First Time

This is undoubtedly among the most touching scenes in the entire Naruto manga. Naruto was abandoned as a child and has never met his biological parents. Consequently, he immediately embraces his mother and weeps upon meeting her in a different reality. The mother and her son have their first encounter in this manga panel.

12. Naruto Manga Panels: Hinata’s confession To Naruto

When Hinata told Naruto that she loved him in front of the whole cast of the manga, it sent fans into a frenzy. The tension of the circumstance only added to the effect of the confession on the reader.

13. Naruto Confronts His Darkness

When he wishes to fully harness the Kyuubi’s abilities, Naruto must face the evil within himself. He confronts his past hurts, agonies, and rage head-on and makes the difficult decision to let it all go so that he can move on and find some measure of peace and light.

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