Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord To Beginner’s Guide

Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord: A Lord’s primary objective in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is to become famous. Starting your own empire is risky and time-consuming, but joining an existing faction can help you get your foot in the door quickly. If you join a group, you’ll be subject to its leader’s decisions and may be forced to fight in conflicts you’d rather avoid.

However, if you need help accomplishing your own aims, you’ll have thousands of troops at your disposal. One of the benefits of becoming a Vassal for a particular faction is the ability to take other banners under your personal command and lead them into combat. You’ll also be able to acquire and rule over fiefs, reaping the economic and tax benefits of doing so. When choosing a faction to join, you’ll have two options depending on your clan status.

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Join Their Mercenary

Choosing which of the Vassal factions you choose to serve is the first order of business. After picking a side, travel to their region and look for a city or castle to join. The keep of these cities and castles is where the Lords meet. Proceed inside the fort and speak with a Vassal from that group. Talking to any Vassal will allow you to join their mercenary ranks; to find and verify that you are talking to a Vassal, head to the factions’ menu and look up the leader and their successive Vassals.

If your clan’s rank is 1, you can become a mercenary for the Vassal’s faction during the chat. Although joining this group as a mercenary ties you to them, it nevertheless allows you with some independence. Any troops you bring into a conflict with you will remain under your command, even if you end up helping other members of this group win. You may enlist in an existing army serving this faction and give that army’s commander command over your troops. As a mercenary, your pay will increase with each victory against the faction’s foes in battle. Mercenarism is a simple path to Renown and Clan Rank 2.

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Becoming A Vassal

The minimum required rank to join the Vassal clan is 2. If your clan is Rank 2, speaking with a Vassal will provide an alternative path into the faction as a Vassal. Your newfound knowledge will tell you that only the faction leader has the power to make you a Vassal. If you are already Rank 2 in your clan and would rather speak with the faction leader, you can also skip this. The commander of a faction is typically busy commanding troops on the front lines of battle, making them difficult to track down.

Select the leader’s profile from the faction’s menu. Here you can find out in what city or castle they were last spotted. Make a note of this spot and travel in that direction, checking back every few minutes to see if they’ve moved.

Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord
Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord

Once you’ve located the leader, you can make a pact with them and become a vassal of their group. Now that you’re a Vassal, you can form your own army and claim your own fiefs from the Lords of the faction. The quickest method to become sole commander of armies of 1,000 or more troops is to lead the armies of other lords.

Quit The Group

You can quit the group whenever you like if you’re a mercenary. You can cancel your mercenary or Vassal agreement by discussing it with the group’s commander. If you are a mercenary, the only downside of leaving is a strained relationship with the faction’s Lords.

If you’re a Vassal and you want to switch factions, you’ll be given the choice of fighting for your fiefs and keeping them or giving them up and joining the opposing group. If you want to depart without starting a conflict, you can release your fiefs, but you can also use this strategy to launch your own empire.

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