Monsters Inc Characters And What We Know So Far!

The protagonists of Monsters Inc. are the focus of today’s feature. I could talk about the Monsters Inc. cast all day, every day. On the other side, eight of the most well-known Monsters Inc. characters are listed in this article.

1- James P. Sullivan

James P. Sullivan, often known as Jimmy or Sulley, is the protagonist of Monsters, Inc. The prequel film Monsters University, however, features him prominently. In the series Monsters at Work, he played the lead role. It’s safe to say that Mike Wazowski is one of the most well-known characters from Monsters, Inc.

He’s a big mammalian creature with a lengthy tail and a mane of shaggy aqua fur with purple patches on his head. Later, at the age of 18, Sulley appears in Monsters University as an egotistical but amiable monster who thinks he can get by on his family reputation and raw aptitude alone.

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2- Mike Wazowski

Mike Wazowski, or Michael Wazowski, is the protagonist of Monsters, Inc. On the other hand, the protagonist of its precursor is a place called Monsters University. In subsequent years, he became the show’s central figure in Monsters at Work.

He has one enormous green eye, two small horns atop his head, and slender limbs and legs that sprout from either side of his spherical body. The protagonist seems amusing and intriguing at the same time. No reasonable person could dislike it.

3- Randall Boggs

Monster and former Roar Omega Roar fraternity member Randall “Randy” Boggs is a chameleon/gecko-like monster who has worked as a scarer for Monsters, Inc. Nonetheless, he made cameos in both Monsters, Inc. and its prequel, Monsters University.

monsters inc characters
monsters inc characters

In this case, Steve Buscemi lends his voice. Randall is another monster with a lizardlike appearance. It’s safe to say that Mike Wazowski is one of the most well-known characters from Monsters, Inc. However, he has three fronds atop his head, two green eyes that are practically at the top of his head, and little, sharp teeth. Despite having only four legs, Randall has a total of eight limbs. And yet, it’s exciting to observe this persona develop.

4- Boo

Boo, a.k.a. Mary Gibbs, is the main character of Monsters, Inc., a Disney•Pixar animated picture released in 2001. To contrast, although being a young girl, she has no phobias whatsoever, with the exception of Randall, when it comes to monsters. Who happened to be her ultimate evil.

In addition, Boo eventually makes her way out of her closet and into the monster world, where she forms a close relationship with Sulley and Mike Wazowski. Boo, who is two years old, is a very innocent and inquisitive kid. Even though she is able to speak, her limited vocabulary and lack of conversational skills are indicative of her advanced years. Aside from “Boo!” and “Kitty,” those are her only lines of dialogue in the picture.

5- Yeti

Disney/Yeti Pixar’s makes an appearance in their 2001 picture Monsters, Inc. However, the Yeti is an employee of Monsters, Inc. When Waternoose learned that he had been sending letters about the Scream Extractor, he banished him to the Himalayas. Moreover, near the conclusion of the prequel film Monsters University, The Yeti appears as a worker for Monsters, Inc.

An employee shows new hires Mike and Sulley (back when they were just arriving) how to sort mail. It’s safe to say that Mike Wazowski is one of the most well-known characters from Monsters, Inc. Later, he cautions them about opening their letters without permission, hinting that this is the reason for his own banishment.

6- Roz

Roz is featured in both Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University. She is a creature in the form of a huge, yellow slug with a tuft of sharp, white and grey hair atop her head. She does, however, talk in a harsh, male tone and wear a maroon sweater and black horn-rimmed glasses with supporting chains.

She has a sister named Roze, as is revealed in Monsters at Work. It’s safe to say that Mike Wazowski is one of the most well-known characters from Monsters, Inc. Roz is another one of the film’s ancillary characters. She appears to be in charge of the Scare Floor F keys and administration at Monsters, Inc., with access to the children’s closets.

In addition, she is responsible for handling all of Mike Wazowski’s paperwork. On the other hand, she spends a lot of time in a cubicle near Scare Floor F, which is closed off from the rest of the factory by a rolling shutter.

7- Celia Mae

Celia is a seven-foot tall lavender-skinned snake with purple hair and seven tentacles (two as arms, and five as legs). She is also donning a green sequined minidress with a scale print and a blue-green vulture-like ruff around her neck. One of her beautiful blue eyes is still intact. Celia and her partner share two characteristics: both have just one eye and are prone to explosive anger.

 The colour of their eyes is also same. She even has snakes living in her hair, and they have distinct personalities of their own, chirping cheerfully when they’re pleased but hissing and rattling when they’re not. When you observe this fantastic fictional character, you’ll learn a lot more about him or her.

8- Henry J. Waternoose III

Previously, Henry J. Waternoose III served as the head of Monsters, Inc. Mr. Waternoose, or just Waternoose, is another name for him. But he was also Sulley, Mike, and Randall’s former boss and a former buddy, mentor, and father figure. It’s safe to say that Mike Wazowski is one of the most well-known characters from Monsters, Inc. He also appears in Monsters, Inc., towards the end of Monsters University in a portrait with Sulley and Mike, when he officially welcomes them to the firm.

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