How To Download GTA 5 Mods On Xbox One?

Changing the appearance of your characters is just one example of a mod, or modding, that can be done within a game.

Modification of video games allows players to alter the original code to fit their needs better.

This article will explain how to hack one of the most popular games ever made, Grand Theft Auto V, onto the Xbox One.

How To Mod GTA 5 Xbox One?

Modding Grand Theft Auto V on the Xbox One is like modding it on a computer. A few little adjustments are made along the way, but otherwise the procedures remain unchanged.

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Step 1: Run The GTA 5 on The System

Launch Grand Theft Auto V and exit the game to leave it in the background. Before modding the software on your Xbox One, you need to do this to make sure it is still functioning correctly.

Step 2: Launch Xbox One And Head To Settings

After that, boot up your Xbox One and head to the Settings menu over there on the left (notice that you only need to keep the app open, not really play the game, for this to work).

Step 3: Click On Network Settings 

If you’ve followed the instructions thus far, you should be able to access the Network Settings panel. Select the DNS Settings tab, and then click the Manual button.

Step 4: Type In The Exact Digits Mentioned 

You will then be prompted to enter the precise numbers 202-121-85-190 into a field labelled “Primary IPv4 DNS.”

Step 5: Type in the Secondary IPv4 DNS

The Secondary IPv4 DNS is 8-8-4-4, which must now be entered. After that, launch Grand Theft Auto V on your Xbox One.

How To Mod GTA 5 Xbox One Without A Computer?

Follow our detailed guide below to modify Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox One without using a personal computer. Get your computer linked to your Xbox.

With that said, Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Head Over To System Settings On Your Xbox 

Go to your Xbox’s Settings menu and select System Settings. Select Network preferences from the menu.

Step 2: Choose The Configure Network Option

Click the next button labelled “Configure Network” to proceed. To change your DNS settings, select this and then go to Advanced > DNS Settings in the Basic Settings menu.

Step 3: Choose The Manual Option 

DNS menu settings are set to be automated by default. Then, select Primary DNS server via the manual configurations menu.

Step 4: Edit The Secondary DNS Server As Well

Repeat this process with the numbers 8-8-4-4 in the Secondary DNS Server field, then select the Done button.

How To Download GTA 5 Mods On Xbox One?

Begin the process of installing Grand Theft Auto V’s custom Xbox One mods by opening the corresponding software from the Microsoft Store. Here are the specific measures to take:

Step 1: Launch The App From The Microsoft Store

To get the Microsoft Store version of Grand Theft Auto V, launch the game from your computer. Now, exit the programme using the menu on the left side of the screen.

Step 2: Go To Your Profile

Click the cogwheel in your Profile to access your settings.

Step 3: Tap On Network Settings 

To access the advanced network configuration options, select Network Settings.

Step 4: Choose DNS Settings

Position the mouse cursor over the DNS settings menu and choose the Manual option. Make 202-121-85-190 the new Primary DNS and 8-8-4-4 the new Secondary DNS.

How To Install The Mod Menu GTA 5 Xbox One USB?

To mod Grand Theft Auto V on the Xbox One, follow these instructions. Carefully following the instructions will prevent any misunderstandings.

Remember that doing so is against the rules of GTA V’s online platform and might get you permanently banned from the game.

Mod Gta 5 Xbox One
Mod Gta 5 Xbox One

With all that said, let’s move on to the steps:

Step 1: Quit Or Stop The GTA V App On Your Xbox 

Stop playing GTA V on Xbox and go into the Profile settings for your network.

Step 2: Click On Advanced Settings 

Next, navigate to the Advanced settings described earlier in this article, and select the DNS settings option.

Step 3: Go To Manual And Enter The Digits Mentioned 

Select the manual mode, and then in the Primary DNS settings column, enter 202-121-85-190, and in the Secondary DNS settings column, enter 8-8-4-4.

Final Words:

Thus far, we discussed the steps necessary to modify Grand Theft Auto V on the Xbox One. The method used here is straightforward.

To change the numerical format in your DNS settings, you need only do some in-depth column-by-column edits.

Xbox’s official online support server has provided a list of potential issues that players may encounter while attempting to adjust their console’s gaming settings.

This is since altering the game’s menu is not recommended by the community and could potentially harm your computer or save game files.

Follow the site for more future updates.

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