Tokyo Revengers: 7 Things About Mikey That You Might Not Know!

The cast of Tokyo Revengers is a colorful one, with crafty villains, complicated anti-heroes, and of course the iconic crybaby protagonist. The cast is ever-growing, so expect more colorful characters in the future. Mikey, the Invincible, is without a doubt one of the most well-liked characters across the board, and he is one of many fantastic characters in the game.

Mikey continues to be the primary source of tension throughout the series, despite the fact that Hinata is the primary impetus for Takemichi’s trip into the past. The brave commander of the Tokyo Manji Gang is a multifaceted character who possesses a great deal of depth to his persona. If you are a fan of Tokyo Revengers and are interested in learning more about the famous kid leader, Mikey Sano, here are some interesting anecdotes about him that not everyone may already know.

1. Despite His Popularity, Fans Don’t Want To Date Him!

Anime character favorability polls are a popular Japanese pastime for determining which characters are the most well-liked and which ones require greater exposure to the audience. Despite Mikey’s widespread acclaim and status as the series’ public face (even if Takemichi is the show’s protagonist), he was voted among Tokyo Revengers’ worst boyfriends. In addition to being the second-worst spouse in the country, he was also in the top three!

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2. He Hates Spicy Food

Mikey’s buddies aren’t wrong when they call him “childish” or “childlike” on occasion. Mikey has a charming, innocent quality that even extends to his gastronomic preferences. Mikey, like many kids, has a weakness for sweets and a strong aversion to spicy cuisine.

Mikey’s favorite traditional cuisine is omurice, which combines an omelette with fried rice and is typically served with ketchup. Maurice is not just a favourite food among Japanese youngsters but is also recognized for its lack of heat.

3. His Name Has A Meaningful Translation

Mikey’s moniker is more than just a trendy nickname; it has deep significance. The meanings of Mikey’s given name, Manjiro, are “ten thousand” (man), “next”, and “son”. This most likely alludes to his superhuman strength and the fact that he can effectively use the strength of several men at once. Mikey, his nickname, means “who is like God,” another reference to his position as Toman’s unbeatable ace.

His surname, Sano, has many meanings depending on the context. It can mean both “help” and “field” in some languages (no). This could be a reference to Mikey’s sheer power, but it could also be a reference to his wild and unpredictable side and the fact that he relies on his friends for help when times get tough.

4. He Is A Fairly Talented Motorbike Mechanic

Mikey can not only ride but also maintain and put together a motorcycle. Mikey looked up to his big brother Shinichiro when he was a kid. Shinichiro was a skilled mechanic who had a bike shop called S.S. MOTOR.

Mikey evidently spent a great deal of time with his brother at his bike shop, learning from him how to best repair motorcycles. Mikey spent enough time in his brother’s shop to pick up the skills he needed to tune, assemble, and repair bikes on his own.

5. He Can Fall Asleep Just About Anywhere

Mikey’s day probably consists of classes, running meetings, and potentially fighting for his pals. How he manages to keep up with his hectic schedule is a mystery to pretty much everyone. The short explanation is that Mikey sleeps whenever and wherever he can.

Mikey Tokyo Revengers
Mikey Tokyo Revengers

Mikey is a formidable warrior, but he also possesses the uncanny ability to nod off in the most inconvenient of places. Mikey has to be roused up by Draken every morning so that he can drive to school and sleep (or “charge”) through all of his classes. He eats his meal at the school cafeteria and then snoozes during the lunch break. Mikey then rides his motorcycle about town with Draken late at night, attending to any unfinished business with the Toman, before retiring to bed.

6. There Is No One He Looks Up To, Other Than Himself

It may sound arrogant at first, but Mikey is one of the few people who can actually deliver on all the promises he makes. Mikey has no fear, and he appreciates and admires himself, as stated in the first official character book. There is a hero for everyone in the Tokyo Manji Gang, and for most of them, that hero is Mikey (and for good reason).

Mikey is a powerful character, both mentally and physically, despite his erratic behaviour. This is especially true when you consider the pain and suffering he has endured. Mikey isn’t quite whole on the inside, but he has no plans of giving in. Even the villainous Draken respects the Toman leader Mikey, yet Mikey doesn’t see himself as superior to anyone.

7. He Has A Sweet Tooth

Mikey’s endearing quality as a whole is his innocent demeanor. Mikey, like a joyful youngster, frequently treats himself to sugary sweets, especially authentic Japanese pastries. Mikey’s favourite sweets are taiyaki and dorayaki, the latter of which he mourns after losing his mouthful during a fight.

Dorayaki is a type of Japanese delicacy in which sweet azuki (also written “adzuki”) bean paste is sandwiched between two pancake-like patties. Mikey appears to be a big fan of this treat. Another one of his favourites, taiyaki, is a fish-shaped pastry filled with sweet adzuki bean paste.

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