10 Mean Anime Characters Who Are Secretly Nice

Mean Anime Characters: Anime viewers enjoy watching characters like the tsundere archetype, who give off a bad impression to most people but are actually caring and considerate to the individuals closest to them. People appreciate protagonists that turn out to be more than they seem, so while that archetype isn’t without its problems, it’s generally well-liked.

Even if there are many of good-natured characters in anime, there are also a few jerks in most shows. However, even the most unpleasant people can have a softer side. They may have feelings for a particular individual in their life, or they may be more caring than they appear.’

1. Code Geass

If Lelouch were more open about his feelings, the entire tone of Code Geass would change. Throughout the series, he pretends he only cares about his sister, Nunnally, only for the truth to be different each time. Time and again, he demonstrates a deeper level of concern for Shirley and his sister Euphemia than he initially lets on.

Even though Lelouch is furious with Rolo for helping their father mindwipe him, he eventually grows to feel sorry for his “little brother.” Even while he kept his calm alter ego hidden from the Black Knights, it was evident he cared deeply for them. His attempt to pretend to be more cold-blooded than he actually is leads to him making several bad decisions thoughout the series.

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2. A Certain Magical Index

Accelerator appears to be the most evil character in A Certain Magical Index. Accelerator spent a great deal of time eliminating clones of Misaka Mikoto, another Level 5 Esper, as he attempted to create the first Level 6 Esper. After the failure of the experiment and the subsequent loss of his powers, Accelerator began to act differently.

Accelerator ceased to be an adversary and began to serve as a protector of Academy City. Last Order, the youngest clone of Misaka Mikoto, comes under his care as well. He still acts the villain, but his actions betray his words and attitude. He now risks his life to save others.

3. Demon Slayer

Giyu’s initial appearance in Demon Slayer depicted her as a heartless slayer who was only interested in protecting Tanjiro from Nezuko. His experience as a slayer hardened him against the thought that Nezuko may be more than just a demon that fell into her base instincts.

Giyu eventually surrendered to Tanjiro’s candour and trusted him to maintain order with Nezuko. He had faith in Tanjiro’s potential to aid others when he directed him in the direction of someone who could train him to become a slayer.

4. Fairy Tail

The Phantom Lord guild’s attack on Fairy Tail included Fairy Tail’s Gajeel, who is considered one of the most fearsome members of that organisation. He wasn’t hesitant to use his abilities to cause trouble for the team, and he soundly defeated the Fairy Tail Shadow Gear group. When he switched sides, he pretended like before, but something about him was no longer intimidating.

In order to make amends for his actions, Gajeel let the Fairy Tail members he had wronged to exact their vengeance on him and began to look out for Levy McGarden. After that, he became one of Fairy Tail’s most dependable protectors, going so far as to spy on the evil guild Raven Tail on their behalf.

5. Dragon Ball Z

If you’re looking for an old tsundere character in anime, look no further than Vegeta. The Dragon Ball hero may act disinterested in his family and the planet in order to maintain his dignity as the Saiyan Prince, but this is all an act. In fact, Vegeta is a much better father and husband than Goku is because he stayed by Bulma’s side throughout her pregnancy.

To protect Bulma, Trunks, and Bulla, Vegeta trained hard and eventually gained the strength to take on Top. Even in the manga, when Moro once again went on the hunt for New Namek, he trained to become powerful enough to defend it.

Mean Anime Characters
Mean Anime Characters

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6. Gintama

Gintoki’s “hopeless layabout” act entails acting like he doesn’t give a hoot about anything or anyone. In the comedic Gintama episodes, he often ignores those in need unless they can justify their assistance to him.

But there have been many poignant moments in Gintama that reveal his softer side. If someone is in desperate need of assistance, he will be the one to step in and help. If it meant risking his life, he’d work for free.

7. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

In the first episodes of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Jotaro does not come across as the gentleman that Jonathan Joestar did. He constantly picks fights, curses at his own mother, and labels girls who like him as annoying. This is all an act, though. The uncertainty he felt about mastering Star Platinum prompted him to seek emotional independence from his mother.

Aware of the danger his mother faced whenever her Stand activated, Jotaro fought vampires and other Stand Users wherever he went in an effort to bring her safety. He is brave and willing to lay down his life to protect his friends.

8. Macross Frontier

In the beginning of Macross Frontier, Alto Saotome is portrayed as distant and uncaring. The ability to fly is the only thing that appears to matter to him, maybe because it’s the only time he’s truly free from his responsibilities to his family. However, as the plot progresses, it becomes evident that he has a genuine affection for his pals.

As a trusted member of the Skull Squadron, Alto fights tirelessly to ensure the safety of the Frontier’s populace. It’s also obvious that he has feelings for both Sheryl Norme and Ranka Lee, but in classic love triangle fashion, we don’t find out if those feelings are romantic or platonic until the very end.

9. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia’s Aizawa seems like the most difficult teacher in all of U.A. On a regular basis, he is extremely demanding of his students and has even failed the vast majority of his former pupils.

Aizawa demands excellence from his students and rarely ever seems to let up, even making sure to hand out harsh punishments for anyone who tries to ignore his rules. As it turns out, though, Aizawa cares far too much about his students to let them know it. In reality, he just wants to send students out into the world with the skills they need to succeed as heroes.

10. Scryed

Scryed’s Kazuma grew up on his own and had to find a way to survive in a wasteland. He was eventually able to vanquish anyone who stood in his way and turned his newfound strength into a lucrative mercenary career thanks to his abilities. He acts as though money is his primary motivation for accepting employment, but this is all an act.

Kazuma treats the young girl he saved, Kanami, as if she were his own little sister whenever he had free time from work. After the death of his best friend, he takes action against HOLY because he refuses to tolerate injustice.

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