Lookism (Netflix) Review: An Entertaining And Decent Adaptation

‘Lookism’ Review: Netflix’s latest original anime series, a Korean adaptation named “Lookism,” reflects the growing popularity of the genre among Western fans. Netflix now offers all eight episodes, which run about 25 minutes apiece, in Hindi, Korean, English, and a few more dubbed versions with subtitles.

The 8-episode drama features the voices of Shim Kyu-hyuck, Han Shin, Ryu Seung-gone, Jeong Jae-heon, and others, and was created by Lee Dae-woo and is funded by Studio Mir.

The show follows Park Hyeong-Seok, a young man who is bullied at school for his appearance and clothing choices; he has no friends and no one will talk to him, so he asks his mother to transfer him to a new school, which she does. However, one fateful night, something happens that completely alters Park Hyeong-life; Seok to find out what it is and how it happens, you’ll have to watch the show on Netflix.

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The writing is predictable yet looks engaging and is relatable; you’re likely to feel the majority of the show’s sequences and see parallels to someone you know in real life; and the show’s themes—that society discriminates based on color, age, weight, and clothing style—are reflected in its realistic depiction of modern life.

Lookism (Netflix) Review: An Entertaining And Decent Adaptation

The show’s music and background score are both excellent, and the closing number was breathtaking. The original series has a large fan base, and this faithful adaption will surely increase the show’s popularity.

The GFX and animation were top-notch, and the voices used in the show were fantastic, all of which helped to vividly bring the webtoon’s characters to life on screen.

‘Lookism’ Review
‘Lookism’ Review

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I’m giving Lookism three stars out of five because it’s a decent adaptation and because it’s likely to appeal to viewers who enjoy television shows about students at a university.

There are currently 8 episodes of the sitcom available to stream on Netflix, and each episode runs about 25 minutes long and features audio in Hindi, English, Korean, and a few other languages with English subtitles.

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