Guts vs Griffith: How They Related To Each Other In The Berserk Series?

Guts vs. Griffith: Kentaro Miura’s Berserk is unquestionably one of the best manga series in the previous several decades. The manga has acquired a devoted fanbase, but the world it depicts, a grim medieval Europe-inspired fantasy realm, is not a haven for those in need.

The protagonist, Guts, endure a lot of hardships. He overcame that obstacle and became an even more formidable fighter, but he still has one man — Griffith — standing between him and contentment. Guts and Griffith, who used to be buddies but are now rivals, were frequently compared in terms of their relative strengths.

Guts vs Griffith: How They Related To Each Other In The Berserk Series?

Let’s create the scene for these two characters by discussing the times they meet throughout the Berserk series. Guts and Griffith, as a result of their respective situations in life, are “tortured souls.” In the Berserk series, Guts personified the adjective “tragic.” He was abandoned as an infant after being born to a lynched mother.

They tracked down the baby orphan, and one of the robbers, named Gambino, took pity on him. To prepare Guts for battle, Gambino educated him in the ways of the sword. However, once Gambino loses his fighting ability in battle, he goes insane and begins to hate the young lad. But Guts hasn’t a clue and keeps training for fighting anyhow.

Everything becomes worse when the jealous Gambino sells Guts to the mercenary Donovan, who rapes him. After killing him, Guts discovers that Gambino, the only father figure he’s ever known, sold him to the mercenary for three pennies and must also be killed. Only nine years old, Guts committed his second murder when he killed Gambino.

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But Griffith, a handsome young man with lofty aspirations, was raised in abject poverty, which only strengthened his resolve to reach the very pinnacle of success. Young Griffith understood that it would be challenging to accomplish this without sharing parts of himself with others. More specifically, Griffith’s journey to his dream was characterized by sleeping with ugly, old royal men who would give him something in exchange. Sacrifice, shame, and sexual abuse mar the young man’s path to success.

Guts’ life is still full of violence and hardship in the future, but that’s when he meets Griffith and his Band of Falcons. Since Guts quickly attacks the gang, he nearly defeats them until Griffith steps in and quickly dispatches Guts with his sword.

Guts vs Griffith
Guts vs Griffith

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Who Is Stronger Guts or Griffith?

Demon Griffith, also known as Femto, is a powerful creature thanks to the Nigh-Absoluteness it receives as a God Hand member. To paraphrase Kentaro Miura: “Femto is like the story’s author — only he can play with his destiny.” Because Guts is mortal, he must be inferior to Femto/Griffith, and the demon Femto can defeat anyone in the human realm.

Since the events of Eclipse, Guts has been unable to hurt Femto, and the demon has been relentless in beatings of him. Even though the iconic manga series Berserk was never completed after Kentaro Miura’s death, the story continues. This prompted us to make educated guesses based on what we knew about the series. On the contrary, Guts is no weak warrior, as seen by his repeated killing of apostles, potent creatures subject to the rule of the God Hand group.

Griffith, in his demon form as Femto, is more formidable than Guts, a fact repeatedly attested to throughout the manga. However, it showed that Guts could match Griffith in violence and weaponry. With Kentaro Miura’s passing, we’ll never know what became of his former Band of Falcons teammates.

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