Blue Lock Team Z Vs Team X: Which Team Is Better And Will Win?

Blue Lock Team Z vs Team X: We can categorically state that Squad Z lost their first encounter with Team X, and based only on their performance, Team X is the superior team. If we attempt to compare how events might have transpired now that Team Z has improved their ability to function as a unit, things become fascinating.

The player with the most goals scored in the Blue Lock competition will be permitted to compete even if his side loses because of the competition’s current rule. Here, we may make the case that Team Z is stronger than Team X because the latter was denied the opportunity to advance further in the tournament.

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Strength: Kunigami vs Shohei Baro

The first challenge was presented during Team Z’s first game against Team X as a team. When everyone is simultaneously vying for attention, they have to learn how to collaborate. Being the best striker in the world and winning the Blue Lock competition are everyone’s common objectives.

Isagi was the group’s tactician, but he wasn’t aware that this was a skill of his at the time. We are thus following their development as a team in real-time, particularly Isagi’s journey to realising his gift. Early in the game, Team Z disintegrated since everyone was so intent on winning for themselves and trying to score goals independently.

Everyone was initially in a state of anarchy, comrades were starting to turn against one another, and the game was standing still. Up until Shohei Baro pushed past Team Z’s players and scored the opening goal. Everyone became aware that if they don’t improve, they will soon lose it as a result of this.

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Isagi observed a remarkable event that occurred throughout the game: when Baro scored the game’s opening goal, his teammates stopped fighting and began to follow Baro’s example. When we turn our attention to Baro and Kunigami, it is clear that they both possess tremendous strength for long-range attacks. If they were to compete against one another, it might even be a draw, with Baro possibly coming out on top.

Based solely on the fact that Baro has been developing his strength since the beginning and was aware of it already in the first match. Kunigami has only lately advanced over his original range of shooting due to training that has focused on his long-range shots.

Speed: Chigiri vs Shohei Baro

According to what we have seen so far, Baro is very talented and the one keeping his group together; it is because of him that they were able to advance in the tournament. He most definitely falls under the category of a player with exceptional talent, as his skills span a variety of areas.

Having said that, Isagi and the rest of the team were still learning how to use their talents in the game during their encounter with Team X. Chigiri was only starting his journey toward overcoming his phobias at the moment since he was trying to protect himself. Inventing justifications for why he didn’t want to tell his teammates about his strengths.

Blue Lock Team Z Vs Team X
Blue Lock Team Z Vs Team X

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In the end, he played a very safe game by selecting locations that weren’t ideal for him. This would be an entirely different game for him if he were to compete right now against Shohei Baro. We can categorically state that Chigiri would win in this field with ease, despite the fact that Baro is fairly quick.

Tactics: Isagi vs Shohei Baro

Isagi is gifted at identifying your opponent’s advantages and disadvantages. After a few tries, he can forecast where scoring possibilities for the squad would present themselves. It is mainly dependent on spatial awareness. Shohei, on the other hand, is considerably more calculating and possesses the brute force, as evidenced at least from their first match.

His strategy is to arrive where he would score against the opposing squad since he has confidence in his strength and quickness. When Squad Z encircled him, he gave the ball to his other team to help them score after they realised his strength. There was a sense of calculating there.That pass ultimately contributed to the team’s attempt to unite and function as a unit without competing with one another. This would most likely be the response of someone who wanted to win the game based only on the circumstances Shohei was in when he was encircled.

In conclusion, Isagi is undoubtedly the stronger person in terms of tactics; if they were to compete right now, Isagi would probably prevail. We can also clearly observe that Team X emerged victorious in Episode 3 of the show, but if they were to compete against one another again, the outcome would be different. The last point worth mentioning is that, in the end, only Baro himself advanced to the following round of the competition due to the numerous goals he had scored throughout the course of the game

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