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What Did Alberto Say To Luca At The End?

Luca And Alberto

Luca And Alberto

Both the deuteragonist of the Disney/Pixar animated feature film Luca and the protagonist of its spin-off, Ciao Alberto, Alberto Scorfano is a central figure in the Luca series.

In the past, he was an orphaned sea monster who called Isola del Mare home. With the money from the Portorosso Cup, which Alberto helped Luca win, the two are now able to buy a Vespa and travel the world.


When Alberto was young, his father abandoned the family, and he and his mother moved to a remote island where they lived in an abandoned lighthouse.

He lived alone in the lighthouse, collecting items that belonged to other people or were made by humans, and he marked the passage of time by painting a tally mark on the wall for each day he went without his father.

He had a fascination with human artifacts and kept them in the lighthouse long before he met Luca, the guy who would become his best friend. He is 14 years old and still an orphan when he makes his first appearance in the film.

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Physical appearance

Human Form

In his human form, Alberto is a tall boy with a light suntan and curly light brown hair that is styled in an upward manner. Additionally, he has green eyes and freckles. He’s got on a pale yellow tank top, cuffed brown shorts, and a rope belt. Similarly to Luca, he never wears shoes.

Sea Monster Form

In his aquatic guise, Alberto sports periwinkle scales, purple fin-shaped “hair,” and green eyes with oval pupils and yellow scleras. His long, tapered tail and purple forearm and calf caudal fins set him apart. When in human shape, he keeps his clothes intact.

Alberto has a scar on his upper left arm, and it’s very faint. We don’t know what caused this in him at this time.


As someone who takes great pride in his knowledge of the human world, Alberto was anxious to share his insights with Luca after spending so much time alone in the lighthouse. He has a genuine love for comedy, a quality that shines through in every scene. One of his lifelong goals was to get behind the handlebars of a Vespa, the iconic Italian scooter shown in the posters he had carefully amassed and kept in his attic.

Luca And Alberto

After he and Luca met, Alberto insisted on taking charge. Despite Luca’s distaste for being ordered around, the prospect of finding a buddy prompted him to share what he’d learned about humans with the younger sea monster.

Although initially uncaring toward Luca, by the end of the film he has softened considerably and has given up the Vespa he’s always wanted in order to fund Luca’s trip to Genova. He became close to Massimo and decided to remain in Portorosso with him, despite the fact that Luca would be content attending university in Genoa with Giulia.

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