Lord Of The Rings: What Happens When Sauron Dies?

Lord Of The Rings: One of the most interesting (and frightening) figures in The Lord of the Rings is Sauron. Even though he plays a pivotal role as the film series’ antagonist, we never actually get a look at him in the present day outside of his ethereal form as a searching, burning eye. However, in the new fantasy series Rings of Power, the character is portrayed by human actor Hal Brand.

The TV show will reportedly cover Sauron’s origins, his making of the magic rings, and his ultimate destruction at the hands of Isildur during the Battle of the Last Alliance.

What Happens To Sauron When He Dies?

When considering what will become of Sauron after his death, two things are crucial to bear in mind. The first is the fact that he’s a Maia, and the second is the One Ring.

The fact that Sauron is a Maia makes him immune to the fate that befalls the rest of Middle-mortal earth’s inhabitants. This is due to the fact that the Maiar are essentially angelic demigods who work directly for the Valar and Eru Ilvatar.

It is clear from Gandalf that even after being mortally wounded, Sauron is not truly dead in Middle-earth. Not being reincarnated like Gandalf was, Sauron did not come back to Middle-earth after his death.

Second, as long as the One Ring remained intact, Sauron would resurrect. That’s because some of Sauron himself was trapped inside the One Ring. To put it simply, he was more powerful while wearing it, and weakened when not. It didn’t matter where it was, though; he was safe as long as it was in Middle-earth.

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The destruction of the One Ring effectively put an end to Sauron. He became a very feeble spirit with no abilities, and he was no longer a danger to Middle-earth.

Sauron’s Destruction At The End Of The Second Age

At the beginning of the Second Age, Sauron was at the pinnacle of his power. At that time, he held the One Ring and led armies throughout Middle-earth. After the Nmenóreans allied with the Elves under King Gil-Galad to fight back against Sauron in the Battle of the Last Alliance, the situation changed.

Elendil, king of the Nmenóreans, was killed by Sauron in battle, but Elendil’s son Isildur was able to take the One Ring from his father’s hand by using the shattered blade of Narsil. Sauron was temporarily destroyed when the One Ring was removed from him.

_Lord Of The Rings
_Lord Of The Rings

Fortress of Dol-Guldur is where Sauron, now known as The Necromancer, regained his power. There, still reeling from his defeat, he planned his strategy to recover the One Ring.

Sauron’s Destruction At The End Of The War Of The Ring

In the films of The Lord of the Rings, we encounter a Sauron who, having been destroyed at the end of the Second Age, wields little to no influence. He is still gathering his forces with the help of lieutenants like Saruman and the Witch-king of Angmar, but he has not yet regained his full form and power since he lost the One Ring.

All of his remaining strength is drained away when the One Ring is destroyed in the Cracks of Doom, effectively ending his life. After losing so much power to the One Ring, he is reduced to a malicious but harmless spirit, unable to regain his physical form. Although he is not technically dead (at least not in the sense that most people understand the term), he has no vitality or personality whatsoever.

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