When Is The Release Date of La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Episode 30?

La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Episode 30: Kate del Castillo reprises her role as Teresa Mendoza in this season of La Reina del Sur, which is based on Arturo’s bestselling novel Reverte. There was a lot of anticipation for the show’s debut on Telemundo in 2011. The network spent eight years developing the sequel that will debut in April of 2019 whereas the third episode just took three.

In addition, the network commissioned a new video to pique the interest of longtime viewers; the star of the show shared it with her 10 million Instagram followers, where it quickly racked up more than 100,000 likes.

Season 3 of La Reina del Sur takes place four years after the events of season 2, and finds Teresa being held in the United States for the killings of three DEA officers. Yet another breakup has occurred for Sofia, her daughter.

She staged an exciting jailbreak and is once again living the life of a wanted criminal. Following this, she sets out on yet another exciting adventure to finally put an end to her fugitive existence and reunite with her daughter. In contrast to the first two episodes, this season’s third has little to do with illegal drug dealing.

Teresa Mendoza is aware that she is a fighter and that, while she is a victim, she does not victimise herself, and so she continues to do the best she can while living in this man’s environment. It’s official: she’s a new mom. During a virtual press tour earlier this month, del Castillo said, “She’s a more mature lady in this one.”

La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Episode 30: Release Date

At 3 p.m. EST, Antena 3 in Spain will air Episode 30 of La Reina Del Sur Season 3. On December 1, you can watch the season three finale of La Reina del Sur. At 7 a.m. on December 2, 8 p.m. GMT, and 1.30 a.m. IST, fans outside of Spain can watch Season 3 Episode 30 of La Reina Del Sur on the streaming service we’ve provided.

La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Episode 30: Streaming Guide

Currently, you can watch episodes from season three of La Reina del Sur on Netflix. Netflix has three different monthly subscription fees, ranging from $9.99 for the basic plan to $15.49 for the standard pack and $19.99 for the premium plan, each of which grants access to Netflix’s extensive library of movies and television shows.

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La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Cast

  • Teresa Mendoza — Kate del Castillo.
  • Pablo Landero — Pêpê Rapazote.
  • Epifanio Vargas — Humberto Zurita.
  • Sofia — Isabella Sierra.
  • Danilo Márquez — Emmanuel Orenday.
  • Sheila — Cuca Escribano.
  • Batman — Alejandro Calva.
  • Susana Guzmán — Sofia Lama.

Teresa Mendoza:

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Epifanio Vargas:

One of the major villains in Queen of the South is a man named Epifanio Vargas. He was the head of the Vargas cartel and governor of Sinaloa. He is the primary antagonist of the first season, a major antagonist in the second (together with Alberto Cortez), and the ultimate antagonist of the third, after his death. In later seasons, he also serves as a villain after his death.


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La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Episode 30
La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Episode 30

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La Reina Del Sur Season 3 Episode 30 Trailer

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