Kurohige VS Trafalgar Law ! Spoiler One Piece 1063 (Updated)

Trenggalek Kabar – In the previous chapter of One Piece (1062), we were shocked by three separate attacks. From Jewellery Bonney’s relationship with Kuma through the arrival of CP 0 agents to abduct Dr. Vegapunk.

Spoiler alert for One Piece 1063 reveals that Oda Sensei, as the manga’s creator, simply lacks the guts to shock readers at the beginning of the new arc.

The cover story of Chapter 1063 of One Piece, titled “Keluargaku Satu-satunya,” shows Brulee fighting with a kencang in front of Cracker, one of the manly commanders of Big Mom’s navy. Cracker is currently in a membeku state, so Brulee tells him that one of his siblings, Pudding, has been culled.

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Strong inference can be drawn from this cover story that the success of Germa 66 allowed them to break away from their mother’s clan and become members of the Bajak of the Sea Big Mom, not to mention the fact that they were joined by the former admiral of the Navy’s fleet, Kizaru, who is now a member of the Bajak of the Sea Kurohige.

In the opening scene of Chapter 1063 of One Piece, Luffy, Chopper, Jinbei, and Bonney are seen in the aftermath of using Dr. Vegapunk’s food-making machine.

This time, they’re making heavy use of another of Dr. Vegapunk’s machines to replace their wardrobe. Although Luffy, Chopper, and Bonney appear to be wearing futuristic clothing, Jinbei appears to be dressed in traditional Hawaiian garb.

After a wardrobe change, they recount their encounter with Kuma the monk. However, the Kuma they see today is vastly different from the Kuma they’ve seen in the past.

The kuma they see appears to be a robot because it is dressed like a police officer, wears a black bulat kacamata, and has a clear mechanical appearance.

Sooner or later, the Kuma they encounter there turns against them. Luffy was quick to return fire, but Bonney stopped him, saying that Kuma was her pregnant sister and the only family she had.

In this scene, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at a fond memory from Bonney’s past, when a much younger Kuma held a much younger Bonney in his arms.

Naturally, readers of One Piece will have many questions about the appearance of Kuma’s sidekick in this moment. Is the Sosok Kuma on display at Pulau Egghead an authentic example of the religion or merely a modern interpretation of Kuma’s basic form?

Suppose the Kuma seen on Egghead Island is an indigenous species. How does the Kuma seen being used as a human sacrifice by Tenryubito in Marie Geoise during the Reverie ceremony stack up? Nobody but Oda Sensei is likely to know the answer.

Long-distance scene where we’ll see Blackberry/Kurohige ignoring Trafalgar Law out at sea. Kurohige didn’t pull any punches when he brought some of his children to help him evade the law: Jesus Burges, the son of the jitu penembak Van Augur; Doc Q; and Stronger, the son of the white kuda.

In this scenario, we will also learn that the bajak Laut Kurohige’s long-term practise of sacrificing angelic flowers has produced fruit in the form of a young man named Law, who now possesses the demonic powers of a divine flower.

Kurohige Vs Trafalgar Law
Kurohige Vs Trafalgar Law

The Jesus Burges we all know and love today have switched to eating the fruit of the devil, known as Riki-Riki No Mi, rather than the fruit of the devil, known as Mera-Mera No Mi, during the recent battle at the Colosseum on the island of Dressrosa. Intake of this Iblis berry will result in abnormally high levels of strength.

At that time, Kurohige and Doc Q arrived, driving the updated version of Stronger, which now looks like a Pegasus. Doc Q challenged the law by disguising himself as a woman for the duration of the case. But Law was able to neutralise Doc Q’s attack using his legal rights.

Later, Law told his opponents that strong hands might break the power of the horn of Satan. Law also revealed that his battles with Kaido and Big Mom taught him a great deal.

Kurohige appeared before Law and said he wasn’t expecting to meet him because he’d been asking around who among the three sea captains who had defeated Kaido and Big Mom would be the first to propose to him.

The scene ends with a glimpse of Law and Kurohige ready to fight. When Kurohige was getting ready to attack, he said that Kaido possessed at least one Road Poneglyph. So he wants to destroy everything that Law has acquired. Later, the Law provided an answer: “the victor shall take all.”

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