6 Characters In Komi Can’t Communicate!

The story of a lovely girl named Komi Shouko who has problems communicating is told in the popular anime series Komi Can’t Communicate. Komi struggles to speak since she suffers from social anxiety. Despite this, she hopes to amass a social circle of one hundred.

Given its availability on Netflix, it’s no surprise that this romantic comedy anime based on a manga and set in the school life genre has gained a lot of fans. In April of 2022, the second season of the Komi Can’t Communicate anime premiered, and it’s only gotten better as time goes on.

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1. Komi Shouko

Komi Shouko, a little girl, is the protagonist of Komi Can’t Communicate. You probably already knew that from the show’s title, since Komi Shouko has no dialogue. Komi’s anxiety and fear of rejection were the root causes of her speaking issues, not a disease.

This series’ male protagonist, Tadano Hitohito, is her first companion. Because of Tadano, Shouko will be able to realize her goal of making 100 friends despite her difficulty with verbal expression.

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2. Tadano Hitohito

In Komi Can’t Communicate, the main male character is named Tadano Hitohito. Komi Shouko’s first friend is also him. The first chapter of the manga presents Hitohito as a coward who just wants to lead a regular life without worrying about what other people will think of him. But when he recognizes Komi’s weaknesses and chooses to help her, his goal is dashed.

While Hitohito lacks true talent, he makes up for it with an exceptional ability to gauge the vibe of a situation. Furthermore, he has a keen eye for picking out the perfect present.

3. Najimi Osana

Trap, or Najimi Osana, is a one-of-a-kind character in Komi Can’t Communicate. Because of this, we can’t be sure of this person’s gender. The gender that Najimi is perceived by different people varies.

Najimi Osana is diametrically opposed to Komi Shouko in that she possesses superhuman social skills and can make friends with anyone in a matter of minutes. When Najimi is in middle school, she dresses like a boy, and when she’s in high school, she dresses like a girl. I know, right?

Despite this, Najimi is committed to helping Komi Shouko fulfil her goal of gathering 100 friends. Najimi’s extraordinary communication skills allow Najimi to simultaneously listen to up to eight individuals talking to Najimi.

4. Agari Himiko

As a member of the Komi Can’t Communicate cast, Agari Himiko suffers from anxiety before performances. Her low sense of self-worth is a major character trait. She experiences anxiety whenever she is in the company of others. Even still, Agari’s true feelings for Komi Shouko are kept a secret.

5. Ren Yamai

Ren Yamai is the leader of the first and second-grade girls, despite the fact that she is initially misunderstood to be the antagonist in Komi Can’t Communicate. Ren appreciates Komi Shouko and considers her one of his favorite artists. Everyone who comes near her earns the nickname “Komi-sama” from her. Her animosity eventually focused on Hitohito. Because of Hitohito’s feelings for Komi, Ren went so far as to kidnap him.

Komi Can't Communicate Characters
Komi Can’t Communicate Characters

6. Omoharu Nakanaka

At first sight, Komi Can’t Communicate’s standout character, Rika, may remind you of someone from the Chuunibyou series. Omoharu, like many of the Chuunibyou cast, spends a lot of time in her head and frequently pulls fantastical elements from that world into the real one. She refers to herself as Princess Komilia and goes by the name Arsot Les Primavera.

Omoharu’s popularity in class belies her outward look. Omoharu is one of Komi Shouko’s closest companions. When Omoharu couldn’t find a partner to work out with, he and the other kid in his class became fast friends. Omoharu uses the term “Blood Oath” to describe the connection she shares with Komi.

These six individuals make up the cast of the anime Komi Can’t Communicate, which follows the story of a stunning young woman who has trouble expressing herself verbally. Is it possible that we haven’t covered all of the interesting people in Komi Can’t Communicate? In the comments, you can tell us about them.

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