Jorgen Von Strangle: Who is the Most Powerful Fairy in Fairly Oddparents?

The most powerful fairy in Fairy World, Jorgen Von Strangle is the leader of all fairies and the guarantor of Da Rules. She is the Tooth Fairy, his wife. He is the lone fairy without wings because, in his opinion, they are too “girly.” His plant disguise is a potted cactus with a faint humanoid appearance, and his animal disguise is either a rhinoceros or a muscle. He likes to torture Binky, his sidekick.


Although it is not quite apparent how powerful or how much he commands, Jorgen is the strongest and hardest fairy in Fairy World. He is the leader of the Fairy godparents and potentially all of Fairy World. When Jorgen was initially introduced, he was more of Timmy’s opponent and had even attempted to have Timmy’s godparents removed on a few occasions.

He frequently revelled in annoying everyone in his vicinity. Although this, along with many other changes in the fairies’ attitudes toward Timmy and his godparents, only became apparent once Poof was born, Jorgen did not appear to warm up to Timmy as much as he did after acknowledging Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy were his best friends. When Mr Crocker stopped believing in fairies, Fairy World lost all of its authority, and when Foop escaped Jorgen’s custody in Abracatraz to terrify Poof, Timmy sometimes has to clean up the messes Jorgen causes.

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Jorgen has a harsh personality, but he fears butterfly nets as other fairies do. He just chuckles at other people’s suffering because he is a really sadistic person. According to “Teeth for Two,” Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy Turner are his only friends because he tends to bully and torment people, leaving him with few close friends. However, the three appear to be more understanding of his sadistic tendencies.

When the Tooth Fairy temporarily dumped Jorgen, he cried for almost two weeks while hugging (or choking) Cosmo and Wanda, which irritated Timmy and led him to do many crazy things until Timmy could bring Jorgen and the Tooth Fairy back together. This demonstrated how much the three also cared for him. Jorgen appears to be accepting of everyone, yet he despises domineering stupidity (like Cosmo), loud nagging (like Wanda), and persistent ignorance (such as Timmy).

Jorgan is also very haughty (and occasionally even vain), frequently berating others and flexing his big muscles. He loves to make people feel bad and hurt, but aside from that, he is a close buddy. Even when Binky is ill, he tends to him and reads him a story. Jorgan displayed little emotion throughout the Oh Yeah! cartoons and the first season, only occasionally grinning when he triumphed in contests, court cases, or arguments. Jorgen began to exhibit more emotion after the second season, mostly through nasty and slightly peculiar laughter.

Timmy demonstrated potential after maintaining his fairies for a full year, something most kids his age found challenging, according to Abra-Catastrophe!, so it’s possible that this is why he becomes a little nicer. Compared to the first three seasons, he is currently a lot kinder and treats his buddies better.

Jorgen appears to be a spoof of Eastern European action stars from the 1980s like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren, and Jean-Claude Van Damme in terms of attire, accent, and demeanour.


The Tooth Fairy, who was his girlfriend when the series first began, became his wife. The antagonist of the “Action Packed” episode was also Evil Jorgen. Although Jorgen is an anti-hero, he occasionally turns into a foe. Most of the time he can be a bully, beating Binky and practically sitting on Cosmo and Wanda, crushing them as he shows indications of relief (indicating comfort and flatulence). No one in Fairy World is stronger than he is, but Big Daddy promised to trample him under a truck of trash every day for the rest of his life (which in Fairy World means forever). Many people think the series has problems because of this and the fact that Santa Claus defeated him in Merry Wishes!

Jorgen Von Strangle
Jorgen Von Strangle

Although Cosmo and Wanda are his closest friends, he appears to enjoy bullying them just as much as he enjoys bullying Binky. He enjoys frightening Cosmo and humiliating Wanda. Even though it is obvious that Cosmo and Timmy are typically to blame for the accidents that frequently endanger people’s lives, he can’t help but bully Wanda as much as he can (of course telling of either of those two would be like yelling at a brick wall). However, when it comes to Timmy or anyone else she loves, Wanda isn’t afraid to snap and reprimand Jorgen. Wanda clearly realises she can’t change this, so she yells at Cosmo instead. This occasionally has an impact, though.

Apart from Wanda, Jorgen likes to pick on Cosmo. Even though he enjoys hurting Wanda, he is closer to the feeble-minded Cosmo and still has a tendency to harm him. It gets worse for Cosmo and Wanda because there is nothing they can do because Jorgen is the leader of Fairy World and has complete authority over all of the fairies.

Most fairies fear Jorgen because of his extremely aggressive personality. Cosmo can only respond incredulously when Jorgen eventually acknowledges that Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy are his best friends. Finally, Jorgen responds, “I don’t have many pals, okay?!?” The Tooth Fairy and his grandmother, Nana Boom Boom, are the only other characters with whom he has expressed any level of intimacy.

As a result of everything, he is incredibly cocky and arrogant and enjoys his life. In The Fairly Olympics, while he won most of the games for the fairies, he refused to let any of them participate in even one game, feeling that he was entitled to it because of his athletic prowess, physique, and the fact that he “looks good in tights.” He is also a bit of a glory hog. His greatest loves in life are dominating others, flexing his muscles, intimidating others, and disgracing the Pixies and the Anti-Fairies.

Jorgen is the only fairy without a godchild who isn’t associated with a holiday (like Cupid) or a significant event (like The Tooth Fairy) (i.e. Cosmo and Wanda). If what he put Timmy through as his temporary fairy is any clue, this is owing to his love of extreme and macho things, the wishes he grants reflect this, and he ends up hurting his godlings (i.e., a request for a puppy makes him poof up a violent huge dog).

He has a godchild named Winston in the Oh Yeah! shorts, and anytime Jorgen is around him, Winston appears to be afraid. Winston vanished without a trace.

It’s probable that Jorgen or, at at least, his grandmother was one of the fairies mentioned in “Wishology!” back when they were used exclusively for combat.

Fairly Odd Fairy Tales

Wanda said at the start of this episode that the fairy stories she was reading actually happened to real fairies. The tale “Jorgen and the Bean Stalk” is well-known. The protagonist of the story shares the name Jorgen with Jorgen Von Strangle, and both names are similar.

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