James Caan Broke Ribs: The Godfather Actor Reveals James Caan’s Feud

James Caan Broke Ribs: While it is widely acknowledged that The Godfather is a classic film, it is not particularly well-known for its spectacular action sequences. Sonny Corleone (James Caan), the violent and impetuous protagonist, likely gets into the biggest brawl of the entire drama film after discovering that his brother-in-law Carlo is abusing his wife.

When Sonny sees how Carlo treats his sister, he becomes enraged and knocks the unfortunate guy out with the lid of a trash can, leaving him for dead in the street. Unfortunately for Gianni Russo, who played Carlo, Caan fractured his ribs during filming of the fight, forcing him to resort to some unintended method acting.

According to an interview Russo gave to Entertainment Weekly, he and Misery star James Caan didn’t get along, and Caan went a little over away during the fight scene during filming. According to Russo, “Sonny and I had a problem throughout the movie, on and off the set,” and that he “pissed [Caan] off” with his knowledge of the locals before filming began.

It took us about a day and a half to choreograph that scenario,” he continued. When I stepped off the stoop, Jimmy “got a little aggressive,” as I put it, and he improvised a few things, including the little billy club he threw at me. This guy just bit my hands and threw me over the fence after hitting me in the head with that. When I was trying to get out, his kick picked me right up. That was not supposed to take place.

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After the battle, Russo says he had two ribs cracked and his elbow chipped. Why then did Russo not make a fuss? He didn’t want to seem too critical as this was his first film experience.

Caan, who died in the summer of 2022, insisted that he never battled the actual Russo but rather a stunt double. There was no hard feelings between Russo and Caan, even after Caan passed away.

Russo said to the New York Post, “He discredits me even doing the scene.” “Unfortunately, the guy we’re discussing has already passed away, and that was his story to the end. He literally took it to the grave with him.

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