Finding Strength in Illness: How Do You Pray For a Seriously Ill Person?

Muscat: The elderly lady appeared to waver slightly as if a gust of wind were about to blow her off her feet. The smooth wall of her home, though, offered the security she sought.

Eventually, she regained composure and marched unwaveringly toward her favorite chair. She said she had MS, yet there was no shame in her tone when she delivered the news.

Surprisingly, she took great pride in the fact that, after twenty years of struggle, she had finally gotten the condition under control. She is determined not to let her MS slow her down.

She finds solace in the knowledge that there are countless others just like her. The knowledge that she has support from others gives her courage. In addition, there is something else that pushes her to continue. Her family consisted of her spouse and two young children.

There was never any reason to worry that she would become a burden on her family because of the positive example that she set throughout the years. Instead, she pushed through it and continued to be their inspiration just like she had been before she got sick.

The question naturally arises, “Where will they be now that I’m gone?” laughs that “I am still handling practically everything in their life.”

For twenty years, that’s a lot of time to have passed without regret, but that’s not how she feels. This gave her the life perspective necessary to appreciate the little pleasures that most of us take for granted.

Items like cleaning things up off the floor or brewing a cup of tea take her considerably longer than usual, and she speaks with a slur. But she enjoys doing them, even using her electric sewing machine.

She says that the irony is that prior to her sickness, she was never a housewife. She considers her health problem a gift in disguise. She can now sew her own curtains, quilts, and knit sweaters.

She’s also picked up some skills as a hostess. In her spare time, she happily hosts dinner parties for her family’s acquaintances.

Despite what most people in her position would assume, multiple sclerosis has actually improved her quality of life. There are bound to be difficulties with the positives.

At times, she feels down because she can’t go far on trips anymore. She seems to be recovering quickly, though. They mean too much to her to risk disappointing them.

Finding Strength in Illness
Finding Strength in Illness

The woman continues, “At my age, I tend to think of my mortality and how long I’ve got. Leaving my loved ones behind is something I hope to never have to do.

She continues to focus on everyone else and not herself. Although she is around seventy, these ideas can occur in even the healthiest of people. She had taken it for granted that she would go first. It’s usual of a lady to prioritise her loved ones, I suppose. Twenty years ago, physicians anticipated her worsening health, but that time has passed.

She took it hard at the time, but now she can joke about it. Though she is less firm on her feet now and her grasp is weaker than it once was, her condition has not yet worsened to the point where she is unable to function normally. She attributes this to her resolve to lead as “normal” a life as her disability would allow.

She avoided the pit of sorrow by continuously finding ways to cheer herself up. She has come to the conclusion that she is doing quite fine, and even better than some of her friends who are in their seventies.

Her husband strolled in as we were discussing about the difficulties he was having with his hips. We exchanged knowing glances, and I smiled back.

She accompanied me to the door when I left. Her spouse had to get out of going because his hips hurt.

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