Hellsing Anime Characters: Who is the Strongest Hellsing Character?

The main characters at the start of the series are members of the Hellsing Organization.


The most potent vampire working for the Hellsing Organization is Alucard (, do). Only The Captain and Alexander Anderson are more powerful than him in the series. He used to go by the name Count Dracula. He is made Abraham Van Helsing’s servant after being defeated by him.

Due to his tremendous supernatural abilities and strength, Alucard is an incredibly formidable combatant even while unarmed, but he also uses a variety of weaponry in battle. Weapons used to kill vampires in the past have included swords, machine guns, and stakes and crosses. The Jackal and the.454 Casual, two menacing, powerful semi-automatic handguns, are Alucard’s other two hallmark weapons.

Seras Victoria

Seras Victoria, also known as “Police Girl,” is a policewoman who gets transformed into a vampire at the start of the series and later works as Alucard’s aide. She frequently disagrees with Alucard because of his penchant for bloodshed and her inability to accept her vampirism in its entirety. She serves as the series’ point-of-view character. In its early iteration, The Legends of Vampire Hunter, there was a character by the name of Yuri Kate who was comparable to Seras.

In the series, Seras began as a police officer who was dispatched to the village of Cheddar, where a vampire had taken over the community and transformed its residents into ghouls. She was being held captive by the vampire when Alucard showed up, and he shot both of them, killing the renegade vampire and nearly killing Seras.

Seras accepts Alucard’s offer to make her into a vampire to save her from passing away. She then helps the Hellsing Organization combat the rising vampire attacks after that. When Zoran Blitz attacks Hellsing Manor after Millennium declares war, she and the Wild Geese defend against him, killing off the majority of the vampire troops before facing Zoran herself.

Zorin’s illusion trap allows for the disclosure of Seras’ past. During a covert operation, her father, a police officer, “went in too deep.” He and his wife were brutally killed by the group he had infiltrated after they tracked him to their house. After charging at the intruders and using a fork to stab one of them in the eye, a furious Seras was shot in the stomach and knocked back against a bloody wall. Seras witnesses one of the criminals having sex with her mother’s body as the flashback comes to a close.

She had her arm cut off, but by drinking Pip’s blood, her life was spared. She becomes a full-fledged vampire as a result, with Pip serving as her familiar and an energy shroud in place of her arm. She kills Zorin thanks to her newly found strength. Alexander Anderson and his soldiers were accompanying Integra as she left the manor and met her there.

Later, she is horrified to see Walter, who she considers to be a father figure, back in human form. She praises Walter for everything even though they are now adversaries before boarding the zeppelin with Integra to confront the Major. She engages in combat with the captain on board the ship before killing the werewolf.

Later, as Alucard vanishes, she and Integra see the Major’s elaborate scheme to assassinate him. The Major may then be killed by Integra because she managed to break the shielding glass. Seras returns Integra to the ruins of Hellsing Manor when the conflict is done. After Alucard’s alleged demise in the epilogue, Seras has risen to the position of top-ranked vampire inside Hellsing. She is finally thrilled to see her master again when he returns.

Integra Hellsing

The head and last surviving member of the Hellsing family, the Bureau Director of the Hellsing Organization, and the current master of Hellsing’s vampire, Alucard, is Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing (, Integuraru Faruburuke Wingtsu Herushingu), a 22-year-old noblewoman and member of the Protestant Knights. Integra rarely lets emotions interfere with business because they are often emotionally stable. She can, however, occasionally get angry at the wrong time. She values her responsibilities to safeguard the United Kingdom and the Anglican Church above all else because the Hellsing family is “on a mission from God.”

She doesn’t accept failure, especially her own. She is one of the few individuals who can contend with Alucard’s ego and win his respect while leading the Hellsing Organization with charisma and patriotism. She grows up with a strong feeling of loyalty to Hellsing and learns early on not to support causes that could endanger her or her organisation. Being the first matriarch of Hellsing, she finds it difficult to maintain the respect of The Round Table members, who frequently cast doubt on her judgement in the Queen’s rule.

Integra accepted full responsibility for enabling the vampires to enter the manor during the Valentine brother’s invasion and killed every person who transformed into a ghoul as a result. She and Walter flee from the oncoming vampires after Millennium declares war on England, with Walter staying behind to let her get away. Alexander Anderson and his men hesitantly agree to follow her across the city when they eventually run into her. She is surprised to see Walter come back as a genetically altered vampire after witnessing Alucard and Anderson’s final duel.

Before departing for the Major’s zeppelin, Integra and Seras declare Walter an enemy of the Hellsing and give Alucard the command to kill him mercilessly. Despite her best efforts, the Major is protected by a glass wall, making it impossible for her to murder him. She then sees the Major’s strategy, which culminated in Alucard’s purported demise, comes to fruition. Integra finally shoots the major in the head after breaking down his defences, but he simultaneously shoots her in the eye. The two head back to Hellsing Manor after the war is ended.

In the epilogue, which takes place 30 years after the conflict, a middle-aged Integra regrets not having anyone to succeed her when she passes away. Alucard returns later that evening after succeeding in regaining his sense of self, however it cost him time because it took him so long. She welcomes Alucard back after his absence of decades by offering him some of her blood.

Walter C. Dornez

Walter C. Dornez, also known as Worut C. (Kumu) Dorunzu or Walter C. Dollneaz, is a member of the Hellsing Organization and the family retainer for the Hellsing, a position he has held for most of his life. He was known as the “Angel of Death” because of his exceptional talent and precision in the usage of high-velocity monomolecular wires.

Hellsing Anime Characters
Hellsing Anime Characters

Walter joined Alucard in attacking Millennium’s base in Warsaw, Poland, during the events of Hellsing: The Dawn, where they stopped the group’s initial attempt to build an army of artificial vampires. But after the war, Walter joined Millennium as a double agent within the Hellsing Organization’s infrastructure out of fear of being forgotten and after The Major forcibly recruited him after seeing his skills.

Walter set up Integra Hellsing to unseal Alucard and become the vampire’s servant decades later. While still serving as the head butler for Hellsing, Walter gives Alucard and Seras Victoria access to unique weapons. When Alucard kills innocent people to complete mission goals, Walter can still fight his way through hordes of the living despite his advanced age while assisting Integra in making many difficult decisions. While he presents himself as proudly accepting of his age and resigned, this is only a front for his fear of being of no use and his ambition to be a true Angel of Death.

When Millennium launches its assault on London, the Captain rescues Walter and transforms him into a synthetic vampire so that he can face Alucard while still in a much younger state.

 Walter appears and kills Yumie before engaging Alucard in a duel while trampling on what is left of the murdered Alexander Anderson. The duel reveals that Walter’s vampirism was hurriedly carried out since he is unable to regenerate regularly and age like the Last Battalion. As Walter is forced to watch Alucard fall into The Major’s trap and cease to be after accidentally ingesting Schrödinger, he misses his chance to prove his value against the vampire after regressing to his youthful self and saying he sacrificed everything to do so. Walter kills the Doctor before being devoured by the zeppelin’s explosion when he boards the Hindenburg II after dealing with the vengeful Heinkel Wolfe.  Heinkel and Walter’s prototypes were both present in Daidjin Monogatari.

Pip Bernadotte

Frenchman Pip Bernadotte wears an eye patch over his left eye (, Pippu Berunadotto). He is the head of the Wild Geese and comes from a family of mercenaries. For six generations, his family has been a part of it. Bernadotte is a skilled user of the AK-74, but he also has a restricted view of women and a smoking addiction.

After the military form of Hellsing is decimated by the Valentine Brothers and their Ghouls, Walter hires Bernadotte and the Wild Geese. After meeting with Alucard and Seras, Bernadotte’s troops finally accept the existence of vampires, despite their initial scepticism at his first debriefing. Bernadotte is constantly flirting with Seras, and he backs Alucard and Seras on their expedition to Brazil, where Pip and Seras begin to develop feelings for one another.

Bernadotte and his soldiers are killed defending Hellsing manor alongside Seras when Millennium attacks London. Bernadotte, who is already hurt, tries to stop Zorin from impaling Seras with an improvised spear. Bernadotte, having successfully seduced Seras into a kiss, instructs her to take his blood to save herself by reviving her full vampire powers. Bernadotte becomes Seras’ Familiar when he helps her stave off Zorin’s attack and ultimately sacrifices himself to ensure her demise.

Later, during Seras’ battle with The Captain, Bernadotte manifests from her body to deliver the killing blow for Seras after advising her on how to fight.  In the final episode of the series, as Heinkel injures Bernadotte so the other Iscariots can see, it is shown that Seras has taken over Bernadotte’s role as the security system for the reconstructed Hellsing manor.

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