Hanama Tokyo Revengers: Who Is Shuji Hanamas?

Hanama Tokyo Revengers: A member of the Kanto Manji Gang, Shuji Hanma (, Hanma Shji? Hanma was Tetta Kisaki’s confidant and right-hand man in many criminal organisations before he joined Kanto Manji in an effort to topple the Tokyo Manji Gang’s leadership. Before joining Tenjiku, Hanma served as its Sixth Division Captain, as well as the interim leader of Valhalla and Moebius.

Hanama Tokyo Revengers Appearance

Hanma is a tall, lean adolescent with black hair and a yellow streak through the middle. The sides and back are buzzed, but the top is left long. He has the kanji characters for “Sin” and “Punishment” tattooed on his left and right hands, and a large golden drop earring in his left ear. He often wears the outfits of the gang he currently belongs to, although his initial appearance features him in a white button-down Henley shirt, black skinny trousers with the cuffs cut off, and sandals.

In the timelines where he is currently a Toman administrator, Hanma still sports his trademark blonde streaks and earring, but his hairstyle is much more casual and dishevelled. He wears a tie, circular glasses, and a vest and suit of light stripes. likewise, now we can see people searching for Hanama Tokyo Revengers

His hair is longer and covers one of his eyes, which are shadowed in the most recent version of the present. He’s decked out with a baggy, pull-over hoodie.

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Hanama Tokyo Revengers Personality

To sum up Hanma in one word: adrenaline junkie. His life goal is to experience something thrilling, and he has turned to street violence to alleviate his chronic ennui. But when he keeps winning with little difficulty, he begins to lose interest. This is why, in the end, he chooses to work with Tetta Kisaki, despite the fact that he is aware that Tetta will likely take advantage of him, because he gets a rush from carrying out Tetta’s schemes.

Hanma doesn’t give a hoot about anything other than his own amusement, so long as he can get his own way. This disregard for life extends to himself, as he places little importance on his own existence.

Hanama Tokyo Revengers
Hanama Tokyo Revengers Hanama Tokyo Revengers

Hanma is likewise nasty and sadistic, taking an active part in Kisaki’s schemes and revelling in the thrill of violence. Sometimes they feel elation at being in the thick of combat and witnessing the suffering of others as a direct result of their criminal actions.

Even though Hanma is a cruel sadist and his friendship with Kisaki was genuine after the latter’s death, he does have a standard value toward the allies that he allied with, as evidenced by his shock when Mikey abruptly attacked both foes and comrades.

Hanama Tokyo Revengers Skills And Abilities


Toman, Moebius, and Valhalla are just a few of the gangs where Hanma has held the position of top executive. He holds a high position of trust as Kisaki’s trusted advisor.

Fighting Prowess

Hanma has exceptional fighting skills. By himself, he can easily defeat several criminals. When it comes to stamina, he really stands out. It was because of this that Draken nicknamed Hanma “Zombie,” as it took an unusually high number of blows for Draken to finally knock him out. He was able to block Mikey’s trademark kick and walk away from the collision unharmed. He also fought Mikey to a stalemate. As a result of his negligence, he was defeated by Mikey in a later fight.

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