WrestleQuest Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer And Story

This summer will see the release of WrestleQuest, a role-playing game with a fantasy wrestling theme. Following a pause of a few moments, Mega Cat Studios revealed the information on Twitter. Soon, spectators will be able to push their way through the crowd and into the action themselves. The following is more information regarding the game’s release date, gameplay, trailer, and story.

WrestleQuest Release Date

The release date for WrestleQuest is set for August 8th, 2023. It will be available for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Steam platforms. As part of the overall gaming offering that the platform offers, a mobile version of the game will also be made available exclusively through Netflix Games. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the WrestleQuest release date has been pushed back from its original plan, which was for the month of May.

Wrestlequest Gameplay

WrestleQuest’s fighting style is similar to that of typical RPGs, but instead of swords, spells, or weapons, you’ll be utilizing “guns.” We mean muscles as you fight your way to the top. You must explore an open universe inspired by renowned figures such as “Macho Man” Randy Savage. You can visit several places, accept side tasks, and develop your character.

There are four options for fighting. You have the option of attacking, using an item, taunting your opponent, or employing a gimmick. A strike is a regular move, whereas gimmicks are AP-based special moves. Taunting opponents or performing other moves raises the crowd’s hype meter. The meter itself grants access to more powerful maneuvers and increases the damage of your assaults. Your opponents, on the other hand, can utilize the hype meter to their advantage, so make sure you’re the one stirring up the audience.

Before a battle, you may have the opportunity to smack talk your opponents and build up your hype. One example is a practice exercise on this mechanic with other wrestlers early in the game. An intelligent reaction will boost your hype, whilst a shallow response will decrease it.

Wrestlequest Release Date
Wrestlequest Release Date

Some foes cannot be defeated simply by reducing their HP to zero. The enemy will eventually tire and fall down, allowing you the opportunity to pin them. If you fail to pin them, your opponent will restore some of their lost HP and the fight will resume. Throughout the game, you’ll recruit new fighters to your team and earn access to new taunts, gimmicks, gear, and worlds to explore.

You may also entirely customize how your fighter enters the ring, and even set presets if you want to switch things up. You have control over the paparazzi, fireworks, sound effects/music, and effects such as pyrotechnics, chair flinging, and confetti.

Wrestlequest Trailer

Yes, you can see the trailer below.

Wrestlequest Story

The story of WrestleQuest follows rookie “Muchacho Man” Randy Santos, who is inspired by Randy Savage. You accompany him on his quest to become the best wrestler in the world. In the game, you explore environments with various themes based on the careers of wrestlers such as Andre the Giant and Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

The game combines a wrestling theme with conventional RPG mechanics. While exploring various fantasy-themed locales, fights always take place on the ring. You travel to different cities, meet new people, and enlist teammates to join your cause throughout the game. There will allegedly be a morality system in the game, albeit not much is known at this time.

Wrestlequest Release Date
Wrestlequest Release Date

You can make choices that will affect your experience as you advance through the game. Some are subtle, while others can drastically alter how particular characters progress during the game. It’s an excellent feature that should increase replay value and make players think about their choices. You’ll also have power over more than only Randy Santos. In a gameplay sample released at Steam Sports Fest, gamers may also control Brink Logan and his teammate, Stag. During your limited time as him, you learn how to further energize the crowd with your entrances.

Other playable characters have been disclosed by both the creators and former WWE stars who are promoting the game. Former WWF wrestler Davey Boy Smith, aka the British Bulldog, revealed some of the other characters we can play as. The game is filled with smart comedy and fourth-wall breaking that enhances the experience. Mega Cat Studios is working on something extraordinary, and we’ll be able to see the results in just a few days. ClutchPoints has more on WrestleQuest’s gameplay and other gaming news. Stay tuned to Digital News Expert for more updates.

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