When Does The Fifa 24 Will Come Out? Counting Down To The Game

The annual football game that EA Sports publish is consistently one of the most successful sellers of the year, and despite the fact that the well-known series is undergoing a rebranding, it is almost certain that this pattern will continue. For those of you who are looking for the release date of FIFA 24, you will need to get used to that new name in a relatively short amount of time.

There has been a lot of confusion regarding when it will be released and all of the features that can be expected due to the rebranding from FIFA to EA FC. This is because FIFA was formerly known as EA FC. You’re in luck because we have all the information that you require here. You can find a complete rundown of what EA FC 24 has to offer below, including a list of platforms, modes, leagues, and licensing, as well as the release date, which is, of course, extremely important.

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When Does Fifa 24 Come Out?

We cannot provide the confirmed release date because EA Sports has not yet announced the release date for EA FC 24, but it will almost certainly be late September 2023. Despite the rebranding, this game is still essentially FIFA 24, and its release schedule will likely be identical to that of its predecessors. It’s been a long time since a FIFA game wasn’t released in late September or early October of a given year, so it would be very surprising if EA FC 24 didn’t follow suit.

@FC24News has also shared a Tweet about EA Sports revealing FIFA 24. You can see the Tweet below.

EA Sports has already confirmed that the full reveal of EA FC will occur in July of this year, which lends credence to the notion that the game will be released in September, as this is the same month in which the first reveal trailers for the last dozen FIFA titles were released.

Some Recent News About Fifa 24

EA has been tight-lipped about the new features that could be included in EA FC 24, but it is likely that many of the same features from FIFA 23 will return, along with some new additions. For instance, Pro Clubs, Online Career Mode, and Ultimate Team will undoubtedly return in EA Sports FC 24. Ultimate Team appears to be the most certain to return, as notable FIFA leakers have already posted information about potential new Icons and Heroes coming to EA Football Club 24.

When Does Fifa 24 Come Out
When Does Fifa 24 Come Out

A renewed partnership with FIFPRO has granted EA Sports the legal right to use the likenesses of actual players. The official website for the game already features the logos of dozens of official leagues and competitions, including the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, Bundesliga, and La Liga Santander. The UEFA Women’s Champions League, the New South Wales Women’s League, and numerous other women’s competitions continue to be promoted.

Let’s check out some Upcoming games and their release dates:

You were mistaken if you believed that the name change from FIFA 24 to EA FC would decrease licensed content. A new name requires a new logo. Listed below is the branding for EA FC. EA Sports FC 24 Launch Date: The FC logo is visible. With the rebranding, many questioned whether EA Sports would abandon its annual release model and instead release EA FC as a single, live service platform that receives seasonal updates. However, an EA earnings report confirmed that EA FC would be an “annual full game release” like its Madden and F1 videogame series.

That is all you need to know about the EA FC release date (or the FIFA 24 release date if you’ve yet to kick the habit). Check out our guides on the best Xbox football games, PS5 football games, and Switch football games to play while you wait for more sports game recommendations.

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