Waxing Gibbous Emoji: What Is The Current Moon Phase?

Online games are extremely popular. The Password Game, founded by Neal Agarwal (also known as Neal Fun), is the most recent fad to take over social media as a result of its perplexing questions that send internet users looking for solutions online. Fortunately, we’ve done some research to learn about the current moon phase, which will help anyone stuck on the emoji level.

What Is The Current Moon Phase?

The moon was in a waxing gibbous phase as of Wednesday, June 28. This indicates that the moon is above 50% lighted and is moving toward 100% illumination, indicating that a full moon is soon to be expected.

Each month, the moon passes through eight different phases. The phases in chronological sequence are the new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and declining crescent.

Waxing Gibbous Emoji
Waxing Gibbous Emoji

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The password game has not taken into consideration the fast-approaching change in the moon phase. On Monday, July 3, the next full moon is anticipated to occur. However, it should be simple enough for anyone playing at the beginning of the following month to locate the full moon emoji if necessary.

Find The Waxing Gibbous Emoji?

Fortunately, Emojipedia offers a waxing gibbous emoji for all of the Password Game enthusiasts out there. In 2010, this emoji, named “Waxing Gibbous Moon Symbol,” was approved for inclusion in Unicode 6.0. It was included in Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

This emoji, along with all of the other moon phases, may be found in the nature category of your emoji collection. The bright moon appears to be almost completely illuminated, with only a thin strip of darkness clinging to its left edge.

Password Game Designer Makes Rules Difficult

You’d be correct if you think the Password Game author is aware that they’ve devised an aggravating puzzle.

On the day the Password Game was released, Neal Agarwal, the creative coder who created it, quipped that “there are rules in this game that ensure [he] will never see the pearly gates,” he said. The game was released on Tuesday, June 27th, and is now playable online. You can see the tweet below:

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