Valorant New Agent Deadlock Release Date, Ability And More!

Deadlock is the second Agent introduced in Valorant after Gekko. She is from Norway and joins the Agent team as the sixth Sentinel. She is one of the newest additions to Episode 7, including a new battle pass, Team Deathmatch mode, Progression System, and other features.

Her talents enable her to unleash a swarm of cutting-edge nanowires to protect the battlefield from even the most lethal attack. She’s unlike the other Agents we’ve met in the game. Here’s a quick rundown of Deadlock’s skills and release date.

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Valorant New Agent Deadlock Release Date

Deadlock will be playable on June 28, 2023, with the release of Episode 7, Act 1. She was initially shown in their official gameplay reveal trailer on June 24.

Here is a tweet that VALORANT next bold steps in Episode 07: EVOLUTION. You can see below:

You’ll need to unlock her by fulfilling her Agent Contract now that the Progression System has been revamped. Agent Contracts will now function as a multi-level pass that unlocks Agents through XP and is triggered automatically via free Event Passes. They are active for 28 days, so players will not have to activate them again manually.

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Valorant New Agent Deadlock Abilities

As a Sentinel, Deadlock’s powers are ideal for holding a specific spot while defending or during retakes. Like other Sentinels, she can tell if an adversary is flanking or planning a clever play.

According to the official gameplay reveals video, she can utilize one of her skills to block adversaries from taking control of a certain area of a location. Here’s a complete list of her skills and what they do:

GravNet (C): Equip yourself with a GravNet grenade. To toss, use fire. To lob the grenade underhand, use Alt Fire. When the GravNet lands, it detonates, causing any foes caught within to crouch and move slowly.

Sonic Sensor (Q): Install a Sonic Sensor. To deploy, fire. The sensor scans an area for adversaries who make noise. It concusses that area if it detects footfall, weapon firing, or loud noise.

Barrier Mesh (E): Put on a Barrier Mesh disc. Toss forward with fire. When the disc lands, it forms barriers from the origin point that prevent character mobility.

Annihilation (X): Install a Nanowire Accelerator. Fire to launch a wave of nanowires that catches the first adversary encountered. The cocooned adversary is dragged along a nanowire path and will perish if they reach the end until freed. The nanowire cocoon can be destroyed.

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