Unveiling The Secret Of The Spring diablo 4: A Cryptic Quest Revealed

The Diablo 4 Secret of the Spring quest begins with you discovering a crumpled note with a cryptic message, but you’re then left to solve the note’s riddle on your own. In Diablo 4, you are directed to a specific location to visit next, but it is not immediately clear what to do when you arrive – especially if you haven’t done this type of quest before.

Even if you figure out the riddle and what to do, there’s an additional step you might not be aware of, so we’re here to explain how to complete the Secret of the Spring quest in Diablo 4 so you can cross it off your list.

How To Initiate The Diablo 4 Quest Secret Of The Spring

In order to begin the Secret of the Spring quest in Diablo 4, you will need to travel to the Forsaken Quarry in Kyovashad, which is located to the northeast of the Cathedral of Light. When you reach the area, ascend the ladder to the south of the dungeon entrance, and once you reach the platform, interact with the discarded note there.

Upon further inspection, you will find this presents you with the following cryptic puzzle: “Beacon of warmth in winter’s embrace, patience rewarded by nature’s own grace.”

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How To Finish Diablo 4’s Secret Of The Spring Quest

The Secret of the Spring side-quest will begin after you examine the Discarded Note, and you will be tasked with solving the note’s riddle. When you arrive, a small circular area to the northeast of your location will be marked on your map as the Trough of Orobas, containing a small spring.

The Secret Of The Spring diablo 4
The Secret Of The Spring diablo 4

Now that you’ve discovered the spring, you must solve the riddle to learn the secret. Like many others in the game, completing the Diablo 4 Secret of the Spring quest requires performing a specific emote, in this case, the Wait emote from the ‘patience rewarded’ line. However, that isn’t automatically assigned to the Emote Wheel, so you must do it yourself.

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Hold down on the d-pad to activate the Emote Wheel, then select Customize before scrolling down to the Wait emote and interacting with it to Assign. You can then drop it into an empty slot on the wheel or replace it with an existing emote. If you haven’t already, exit that menu and Save Changes, then hold up on the d-pad again to bring up the Emote Wheel and select Wait to emote when you’re standing near the spring.

A Buried Chest will appear from the ground on the pool’s northeast edge, and interacting with it will complete the Secret of the Spring quest. You’ll receive a couple of Rare and Magic Crafting Materials in addition to Renown, XP, and Gold, which is a nice way to finish this side mission and move on.

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