Persona 3 Remake Leak Gameplay Ignites Debate Among Fans

A five-second clip of an alleged Persona 3 remake has recently made rounds online. The clip features an animation of the combat in the supposed remake, leaving fans in a frenzy as they scrutinize each frame to determine its authenticity. While Atlus and Sega have yet to comment, the original uploader has reportedly deleted their post. Let’s see what fans discuss regarding the Persona 3 Remake leak. 

Is Persona 3 Remake Leak Gameplay Real?

The lack of information surrounding the clip has led to various speculations from fans. Some believe it’s fake, while others claim it’s real.

However, one Twitter account, @AVtoGAMEnoYAMI, has shed some light on the matter. According to the account, the clip was part of an internal meeting at Sega in 2021, where a montage of gameplay clips from different games was showcased.

The montage reportedly included games that Sega had in development at the time. You can see that Tweet below

This is where things get interesting. Towards the end of the montage, a short clip of Jet Set Radio was shown, which aligns with Bloomberg’s report that the game was getting a new release. The clip has sparked excitement amongst fans, as it adds some legitimacy to the video and the broader leaks. Sonic Frontiers was also showcased in the montage, and it looks different from the final product we received last year, with much better graphics outside of cutscenes.

Fans Are Not Sure About The Authenticity OF The Clip

Despite including Jet Set Radio and Sonic Frontiers, many fans still aren’t convinced about the authenticity of the Persona 3 remake clip. A poll in the ResetEra thread shows that 62 percent of fans believe it’s fake, with some suggesting it could have been put together using a mod for another game or even AI art.

Persona 3 Remake Leak
Persona 3 Remake Leak

While the authenticity of the clip remains uncertain, it’s worth noting that game studios rarely comment on leaks like this. Fans must wait to see if Atlus or Sega makes official announcements. For now, it’s a waiting game for Persona 3 fans, but including Jet Set Radio and Sonic Frontiers does bring some hope for exciting upcoming releases. Till the news of Persona 3 gets confirmed, you can read God Of War Ragnarök New Game Plus: A More Challenging Adventure.

Conclusion: fans are still debating the authenticity of the alleged Persona 3 remake gameplay clip that surfaced online. However, including Jet Set Radio and Sonic Frontiers in the Persona 3 remake montage gives hope for future game releases. Atlus and Sega have not commented on the clip, but game studios rarely comment on leaks. Fans must wait to see if the Persona 3 remake is in development. The clip has excited fans, and rumors about the game’s release will continue until an official announcement.

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