Developer Of Overwatch 2 Reveals Tracer Hidden Nerf In The Latest Patch

Traditionally, Overwatch 2 buffs and Nerfs are easily quantifiable. They are typically minor adjustments to numbers, additions or deletions of mechanics or interactions, and other changes that can be easily tracked and communicated to the player. However, some nerfs take the form of minor adjustments to how characters function. A developer for Overwatch 2 revealed that Tracer received a significant “quality of life” change in the most recent patch.

While it is merely a visual change to how her dash is read by players, the developer conceded that the change may be “divisive” among players.

Overwatch 2 Tracer Patch Hidden Nerf
Overwatch 2 Tracer Patch Hidden Nerf

Tracer receives a minor but significant Nerf

Tracer relies almost exclusively on her high mobility to stay alive. She has the lowest health pool in the game at 150 and is extremely fragile, but in the hands of a skilled player, she is extremely effective. It makes no difference how little health she has if she is impossible to hit, dodging firefights and spinning her opponent’s head around.

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The Overwatch developers have observed this, and while they are pleased that Tracer is effective when played well, they believe it may be too difficult to predict her movements. Therefore, Tracer’s VFX was modified to create a clear, distinct path that indicates precisely where she is traveling. This is undeniably a debuff to the hero.

A Twitter user (Chris Sayers) Shared a Tweet about the minor change done to Tracer. Check out the Tweet below.

While Tracer was relatively easy to track from a distance, she was nearly impossible to track up close. When players are required to turn so quickly and at such extreme angles, it is difficult to keep her in view. The act of turning quickly and maintaining a steady aim on Tracer will continue to be difficult, but players will have a much better idea of where she’s headed. This minor adjustment could have a significant impact on matches.

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