Long-Range Dominance: What Is The Best Sniper In Warzone Season 3?

There are a wide variety of playstyle and weaponry options available in Warzone 2 Season 3. Sniper Rifles were given what is arguably the most attention out of all the buffs and nerfs that were included in the update. The developers finally permitted certain guns to kill enemies with a single shot under certain conditions.

 You can probably imagine that this has significantly influenced the long-range metagame. In this guide, we will examine each Sniper Rifle that is available in Warzone 2 Season 3 and tell you which one is best for you to use. So lets Check out What Is The Best Sniper In Warzone Season 3.

What Is The Best Sniper In Warzone Season 3

There are six Sniper Rifles and two bolt action Marksman Rifles in Warzone 2, both of which have been decided to be included in this list. If you’re having trouble determining which Sniper Rifles in Warzone 2 Season 3 are the best, we’ve ranked them all, from best to worst, so you can see where they stand:

8. SA-B 50

sab 50 appeared in modern warfare 2 and Warzone 2. Marksman Rifles from Warzone 2 have failed to leave their mark on the meta. Although the SA-B 50 Marksman Rifle is not a terrible option, its poor range and damage limit its effectiveness to much shorter distances. The SA-B 50 is better suited for gameplay on Ashika Island than on Al Mazrah.

7. Sp-r 208 Sp-r 208 Warzone 2

In Warzone 2, the SP-R 208 is ideal for quick scoping. Another bolt-action Marksman Rifle is available in the seventh slot and is significantly more effective at close to medium-range sniping. The SP-R 208’s damage and range are not its best qualities, hence its placement on this list; however, its quick scoping and fast, high-damage shots render it lethal for a skilled user.

What Is The Best Sniper In Warzone Season 3
What Is The Best Sniper In Warzone Season 3

Again, the SP-R 208 is more effective on Ashika Island, so you may want to test it on the small map. Gamers, guys, come with us and lets Discover The Next Evolution Of The Battlefield Through the Warzone Season 3 Roadmap.

6. 330 LA-B LA-B Modern Warfare 2 Warzone 2

The LA-B 330 is a weapon with balanced strengths and weaknesses. In Warzone 2, the LA-B 330 is a reasonably dependable Sniper that strikes an excellent balance between long-range and close combat. Those who are familiar with using a Sniper in medium-range encounters will enjoy this weapon, especially because it can be customized for either close- or long-range sniping.

5. SP-X 80 Warzone 2 Sp-x 80

In Warzone 2, the SP-X 80 can kill enemies with two shots. Fifth is the SP-X 80, which surpasses the LA-B 330 due to its superior speed and maneuverability. For quick scoping enthusiasts looking for a Sniper that can quickly fire shots, the SP-X 80 is an ideal option.

What Is The Best Sniper In Warzone Season 3
What Is The Best Sniper In Warzone Season 3

The primary drawback of this weapon is its range, as it requires multiple shots to incapacitate an opponent from a distance.

4. MCPR-300

MCPR-300 Warzone 2 loadout Players of Warzone 2 who enjoy using heavy snipers will enjoy using the MCPR-300. Following the Season 3 update, we are now dealing with Snipers that have one-shot capabilities. The MCPR-300 is one of Warzone 2’s heavy Snipers, and it can be used from the very beginning of the game, regardless of your level.

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It is optimized for long-range combat, and its Explosive ammunition makes it ideal for eliminating enemies with a single headshot. It has great range and damage, but its handling, mobility, and fire rate are subpar, necessitating the addition of an SMG to balance the loadout. The MCPR-300 is a superior Sniper Rifle if you consistently hit your targets. However, other weapons in its class have additional bonuses that the MCPR-300 cannot match.

3. XMR Victus

The Vicus XMR in Warzone 2 has excellent handling and range. The Victus XMR debuted in Warzone 2’s first season and quickly dominated the weapon category, establishing itself as one of the best Sniper Rifles in the game. The Victus XMR has an excellent balance of maneuverability and damage range. Snipers with long-range potential in Warzone 2 are typically slower, but the Victus has amazing aim-down sight speed for a weapon that can take down enemies from extreme distances.

What Is The Best Sniper In Warzone Season 3
What Is The Best Sniper In Warzone Season 3

If you’re hitting those headshots, the Victus XMR with Explosive ammo is even ideal for picking off players with three shields. Nowadays, every other player is curious about the Secure backpack, and here is your guide on How To Get The Dmz Secure Backpack In Call Of Duty.

2. FJX Imperium (Intervention)

The Intervention has quickly become one of Warzone 2’s best Sniper Rifles. The iconic Intervention’s return generated a lot of excitement in the community. Players will be relieved to see it rank so high on the list of best Sniper Rifles in Warzone 2. The Intervention, now known as the FJX Imperium, strikes the ideal balance between range and mobility.

It has an ADS speed fast enough to cope at mid-range with the right combination of attachments, and the.408 Explosive rounds allow it to down enemies in one hit over long distances. While it doesn’t quite take the top spot, don’t be surprised if the Intervention becomes a fan favorite in Warzone 2 Season 3.

1. Signal 50 – The Best Sniper Rifle In Warzone 2

The Signal 50’s high rate of fire makes it difficult to ignore. In Warzone 2, the Signal 50 is a great heavy Sniper option that just edges out the Intervention for first place.

What Is The Best Sniper In Warzone Season 3
What Is The Best Sniper In Warzone Season 3

The weapon is well-known for its high rate of fire, which can mean the difference between life and death in a shoot-out. It also has exceptional damage and range, which can be increased with the appropriate attachments, and it’s not as bad as you might think for a heavy Sniper in terms of handling and mobility.

This is a Sniper Rifle in its purest form, and there is no better gun in its class for long-range combat. Unsurprisingly, the Signal 50 is one of the most popular Sniper Rifles, even making the top ten most popular weapons in Warzone 2.

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