How To Complete The Last Will And Testament Destiny 2? The Easy Way

The purpose of the Last Will and Testament quest is to pay respects to Amanda Holliday, our fallen hero who passed away in Destiny 2 Season 20, Season of Defiance. Amanda’s death was the result of a tragic event. Detailed below is the procedure that must be followed in order to finish the Last Will and Testament in Destiny 2. In this post, we gonna see how we can complete Last Will And Testament Destiny 2.

How To Finish Last Will And Testament Destiny 2

The Last Will and Testament quest is a quick one, consisting of only two stages. Even though it might sound simple, a number of players have reported that the Last Will and Testament quest in Destiny 2 has a bug that prevents them from completing it. Make sure that you do not reset your War Table at the H.E.L.M. until after the quest has been completed so that you do not run into any problems.

The Last Will And Testament Destiny 2
The Last Will And Testament Destiny 2

Read the note from Amanda that Commander Zavala hands to you in the Tower. In it, you’ll learn that Amanda has left you her ship, the Brazen Spark. This will allow you to complete the Last Will and Testament quest. After that, you’ll have to go to the Hangar to get the ship’s keys; once you do that, the quest will be over, and the Brazen Spark will be in your inventory.

Bungie Help Posted on Twitter related to the problem player are facing with the Last Will And Testament quest. You can see the Tweet below.

How to start the Destiny 2 quest “Last Will and Testament: If you have not yet begun the Last Will and Testament quest, you must first complete Retribution, which you receive from Crow at the H.E.L.M. after completing the We Stand Unbroken seasonal questline. Commander Zavala will give you a mission called “Last Will and Testament” in the Courtyard once you’ve done that. If you talk to him, he’ll ask you to go to the Hangar and get the keys to Amanda’s ship.

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Destiny 2’s Brazen Spark Ship Keys Show Where To Go

To get the Ship keys, go to the Hangar, which is the path just west of Banshee 44’s weapon shop in the Tower Courtyard. Here is a memorial to Amanda Holliday, and to the right of it is a blue tarp covering something important. Using the tarp will show you that it is hiding the Brazen Spark. It will be added to your inventory, and the quest will end on its own. Guardian, I’m glad you got a new ship.

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