Kleavor Pokemon Go Weakness, Counters, And Best Moveset

In Pokemon Go, you can combat with and capture Kleavor, a Pokémon native to the Hisui region. Scyther’s evolution debuted in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, added rock to its bug type, meaning several potential vulnerabilities could be taken advantage of. This page will discuss Kleavor’s vulnerabilities, possible counters, and, once captured, the ideal Kleavor moveset.

Kleavor Weakness

As a bug and rock-type Pokémon, Kleavor is vulnerable to attacks from Pokémon of the steel, water, and rock types.

This provides us with a wide variety of alternatives to choose from, which is especially helpful for less experienced players who have a smaller number of powerful Pokémon at their disposal, as well as the prospect of a solo triumph for those who have more substantial teams.

Kleavor Pokemon Go
Kleavor Pokemon Go

Kleavor Counters

Considering the above, we recommend the following Kleavor counters, According to Polygon.

  • Metagross with Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash
  • Kyogre with Waterfall and Origin Pulse or Surf
  • Swampert with Water Gun and Hydro Cannon
  • Dialga with Metal Claw and Iron Head
  • Rhyperior with SmackDown and Rock Wrecker or Stone Edge

You should mostly bring robust steel- or water types, with any strong rock types assisting in completing the team. If you are bringing Kyogre, hopefully, it has a Primal Evolution active, which makes a Pokémon that is already powerful even more so. If you are interested in knowing What Is The Best Naruto Game In 2023: The Ultimate Collection!

Of course, these are merely our top suggestions; actions that play to any of the weaknesses above can provide you an advantage, mainly if you are working as a team. However, considering the choices above is crucial if you decide to take on Kleavor solo, which is potentially doable.

Be aware that weather enhancements can further increase movements. Rainy days will benefit water-type moves in the case of the weaknesses you’d want to target, while partly cloudy days will assist you increase the damage you do with rocks. Meanwhile, snow will enhance your steel-type moves if you have any. Kleavor makes its Pokemon Go debut. You can see the youtube video below:

Naturally, you do not influence the weather. Still, if you believe the battle will be tight, it can be worthwhile to prioritize specific types over others based on the temperature outside to give you an advantage.

Best Moveset For Kleavor

Choose Quick Attack, Rock Slide, and X-Scissor as a second charged move to capitalize on the bug-typing for raids and gyms if you can. Kleavor is disadvantaged in the current meta due to the lack of a rock-type fast move and some weak stats. You may go with The Top Advance Wars Game Of The Year 2023!

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