Is Farlight 84 Crossplay? Details About Its Cross Platforms

Farlight 84 is available for both PC and mobile devices, and it allows cross-play, which means you can play with your friends even if they are on a PC and you are on a mobile device, and vice versa. But won’t this offer PC players an unfair advantage?

Do you have questions about how Farlight 84 matchmaking works, how cross-play works, and if mobile and PC gamers can play in the same lobby? We have the answers to all of your questions. Let’s get our Farlight 84 matchmaking explained guide underway.

Is Farlight 84 Crossplay?

Farlight is available on both PC and mobile platforms, and it enables cross-play, which means that PC and mobile gamers can play together.

Matchmaking In Farlight 84: How Does It Work?

Farlight, unlike other battle royale gamers who offer cross-play, has devised a more equitable way. Farlight has separated the lobbies into two types: those with solely mobile players and those with both PC and mobile players.

  • If you play on a mobile device, you will be placed in a lobby with only other mobile players until you establish a team with other mobile players or want to play solo. This assures that you will not be at a disadvantage when competing against gamers that use a PC.
  • If you use a PC, or even if one of your squad members does, you will be placed in a lobby with both PC and mobile users.

Does The Squad Leader Platform Matter?

The lobby will only be accessible to mobile users if all of the players in a squad utilize mobile devices. On the other hand, if even a single member of the team uses a PC to participate in the game, the lobby will have players from both platforms.

Is Farlight 84 Cross Platform
Is Farlight 84 Cross Platform

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How Do You Know If Your Squad Has A PC Player?

The PC players in the game are easily identified by a Steam emblem displayed in front of their usernames. The Steam logo will also appear on the start button, suggesting that you will be matched against both PC and mobile gamers. There will be no such logo if all players are using mobile devices.

We’ve reached the end of our Farlight 84 Matchmaking Explained guide. If you have any further queries, please leave them in the comments section below. Also, keep an eye out for our Farlight 84 tier list and Farlight 84 codes for free coins and diamonds.

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