Introducing Cyberpunk 2077 Overdrive Mode: A New Level of Realism

CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 is already known for its stunning graphics, but with the recent RT Overdrive upgrade, the game has reached a new level of realism. In this article, we’ll explore RT Overdrive, how it works, and its performance on different GPUs. We are here to discuss the all-new Cyberpunk 2077 Overdrive Mode

Cyberpunk 2077 Overdrive Mode

RT Overdrive is an ambitious implementation of ray tracing in Cyberpunk 2077. It adds path tracing to the game, which calculates the path of light rays in the game world to produce realistic lighting and shadows. This technology preview was released as a free upgrade to the existing PC version of the game.

NVIDIA GeForce Tweeted from their official Twitter handles about the new Cyberpunl 2077 Overdrive Mode. You can see the Tweet below.

Night City Tour Captured In 4K, 60 FPS

The RT Overdrive upgrade has given birth to a new Night City tour captured entirely in 4K, 60 frames per second, using an RTX 4090 at 4K resolution with DLSS performance mode. The video demonstrates how path tracing works in Cyberpunk 2077 and compares it with the ultra settings and the existing ‘Psycho’ RT option built into the current version of the game.

Performance Of RT Overdrive

To run the path-traced version of Cyberpunk 2077, you need a powerful graphics card. The RTX 4090 was used to capture the Night City tour, but the game can also be played on other GPUs. For example, the RTX 3080 10GB can run the game at 40-60 frames per second at 1440p resolution using the DLSS balanced mode.

Cyberpunk 2077 Overdrive Mode
Cyberpunk 2077 Overdrive Mode

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Optimizing RT Overdrive

V-sync needs to be disabled for frame generation to work, which can cause tearing. The RT Overdrive upgrade is incompatible with v-sync but can be forced at the control panel level. The RTX 4090 has enough brute force to sustain 60 frames per second for much of the game, especially the exteriors. Further testing will be conducted, and more benchmarks will be shared to optimize the performance of RT Overdrive.

Conclusion: RT Overdrive has taken Cyberpunk 2077’s graphics to a new level of realism, introducing path tracing to the game. Although it requires powerful GPUs to run the game, it is scalable and can be run on other GPUs like the RTX 3080 10GB. Further testing and benchmarking will be conducted to optimize the performance of RT Overdrive. With RT Overdrive, Cyberpunk 2077’s graphics have become even more impressive, and players can immerse themselves even more deeply in Night City.

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