Glide To Freedom: How To Get Paraglider In Tears Of The Kingdom?

Out of all the legendary weapons and iconic outfits that return in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, nothing may provide as much joy and utility as the paraglider. Though not the first game to use it, Breath of the Wild made it more important than ever, allowing Link to traverse large sections of the map in seconds. Given how important it was in the previous game, there was little doubt that the paraglider would be prominently featured in the Breath of the Wild sequel.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, like Breath of the Wild, does not give Link the paraglider right away. The link will descend to the surface after a lengthy opening section that takes place on several of the new sky islands. Soon after, Link will receive the paraglider from a familiar face, providing him with one of the most dependable modes of transportation in the game. In this post, we gonna see How To Get Paraglider Tears Of The Kingdom?

Purah Can Be Found At Lookout Landing

To begin the process of obtaining the paraglider, Link must complete the entire opening section and descend to the surface of Hyrule. Fortunately for Link, he won’t have to wait long after reaching the surface for it to become available. To obtain the paraglider, Link must first travel to Lookout Landing and begin the first main quest on the surface, “To the Kingdom of Hyrule.” This leads Link to Purah, the former director of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. She now leads a small settlement whose sole mission is to save Princess Zelda.

How To Get Paraglider Tears Of The Kingdom
How To Get Paraglider Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Get Paraglider Tears Of The Kingdom

Following Link’s successful interaction with Purah and completion of the first steps in “Crisis at Hyrule Castle,” Purah will introduce Link to the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower and the process by which he will unlock sections of the Tears of the Kingdom map. She will simply hand over the paraglider during this conversation. Simply put, Link only needs to follow the natural progression of Purah’s missions to unlock the paraglider, giving him easy access to previously inaccessible areas.

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How To Use The Paraglider In Kingdom Tears

The paraglider functions similarly to how it did in Breath of the Wild in Tears of the Kingdom. When Link jumps from a high vantage point, he will be prompted to press X, which will allow him to glide until his stamina gauge runs out. This simple mechanic opens up a plethora of traversal possibilities. Consider the following paraglider applications:

  • The Sky Islands are multileveled, with large gaps between sections of land, as players are likely to have noticed. Even though the paraglider lacks propulsion, it makes it far easier for Link to travel between islands. Simply look for an elevated area and cross while keeping an eye on the stamina gauge.
  • To increase range, Link can eat stamina-boosting meals in the air.
  • Link no longer needs to aim for water when jumping from the Sky Islands to Hyrule.
  • To avoid a dangerous impact, simply engage the paraglider near the ground.
    Look out for falling debris from the numerous islands above Hyrule.
  • Link can use the Recall ability on an appropriate object to fly high into the air, then use the paraglider to travel long distances.
  • Look for wind gusts coming from any direction.
  • The link will be able to travel much faster and in a variety of directions thanks to these powerful air blasts.
  • Wind vents will be installed in some mountainous areas to assist Link in reaching higher ground.

This is only a taste of what is possible in Tears of the Kingdom. One of the game’s greatest joys is Link’s ability to experiment with his inventory of tools and weapons.

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How To Replace The Paraglider Fabric In Tears Of The Kingdom

One significant change introduced by Tears of the Kingdom to the paraglider is the ability to modify the fabric sail that allows it to function. While Link cannot change it right away after receiving the paraglider, the wait is not long. The link will have access to the Kochi Dye Shop once he arrives in Hateno Village. Speaking with Sayge reveals the full list of options available at the shop, which includes the ability to add and remove dye from Link’s armor as well as change the fabric of the paraglider.

Conclusion: In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the paraglider remains a valuable tool for Link’s exploration. Obtaining it involves completing quests and meeting Purah at Lookout Landing. Once acquired, the paraglider allows Link to glide through the vast world, bridging gaps and reaching new heights. With added options like modifying the fabric sail and utilizing wind gusts, Tears of the Kingdom offers exciting possibilities for airborne exploration and traversal. The paraglider continues to be a cherished asset for Link’s adventures.

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