How To Get Kleavor In Pokémon Go? Don’t Miss Out Your Chance

There aren’t many existing Pokémon available for inclusion in Pokémon Go. However, Niantic occasionally surprises fans by announcing that one is making its way into the mobile title. This time, Niantic is planning to reintroduce players to a Pokémon that first appeared in the Hisui region in Pokémon Legends: Arceus: Kleavor. This Bug/Rock-type Pokémon is an alternate evolution of Scyther, and it was the first Noble Pokémon that players had to calm down in order to learn more about the area.

Kleavor joins the roster of Hisuian Pokémon available in Pokémon Go, which includes Hisuian Growlithe, Sneasel, and Ursaluna. However, many Pokémon from this title remains unobtainable outside of Legends: Arceus and are expected to be added to the mobile title over the next year during specific event periods.

On May 6 Pokemon GO shared a Tweet and asked the fans to be ready to capture Kleavor. Check out the Tweet below

Scyther, unlike Ursaluna, will not be able to evolve into Kleavor in Pokémon Go at this time, making it only available during event periods where it can be captured on its own. Here’s how to get Kleavor in Pokémon Go—but hurry, because you won’t be able to do so for long.

How To Get Kleavor In Pokémon Go?

On May 6 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Kleavor, the Axe Pokémon, made its Pokémon Go debut alongside a special Raid Day event. During this time, it appeared in multiple Gyms as a three-star Raid boss for players to defeat, along with an increase in the number of Raid Passe’s players was able to obtain by spinning Gym Photo Discs.

How To Get Kleavor In Pokémon Go
How To Get Kleavor In Pokémon Go

On May 6, Pokémon Go players were able to store up to ten Remote Raid Passes in their inventories, allowing them to complete more Raids than usual. This is despite recent changes to Remote Raid Passes that have angered many Pokémon Go players.

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It is unknown if and when Kleavor was returned to Raids following the conclusion of this event, and it is unlikely that it was ever made available as a wild encounter. Until then, players were not able to capture it unless they do so in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Conclusion:  Kleavor, a Bug/Rock-type Pokémon from Hisui, has delighted Pokémon Go players. Players could challenge and capture Kleavor on May 6 during a special Raid Day event. Scyther can only evolve into Kleavor during Pokémon Go events. Trainers should stay tuned for more chances to catch these elusive Hisuian Pokémon as we eagerly await future updates and events. Explore and enjoy!

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