How To Claim Xdefiant Twitch Drop? An Easy Step By Step Guide

XDefiant, the latest shooter from Ubisoft, has now entered closed beta. Players will be immersed in a new scenario with new maps, gunfight mechanisms, title-specific elements, and other features. In the game, players must select characters from various XDefiant factions to form a team of six. Players will be able to switch between factions and load-outs during the match freely.

The title will be extremely competitive, with victory relying heavily on teamwork and gunplay skills. Players will be eager to take part in the limited beta and gain hands-on gameplay experience. The following post will provide all pertinent information regarding How To Claim Xdefiant Twitch Drop.

How To Claim Xdefiant Twitch Drop

Make sure that your Twitch account and your Ubisoft account are linked to one another. You can link your account on the Ubisoft Drps page and double-check your current standing. You can become eligible for the drops by linking your Twitch account to your Ubisoft account through the Drps & Rewards page. Simply clicking on this link will get the job done. Proceed now to the section of Twitch known as Drps and Rewards. When you get to the Ubisoft Redemption Center, enter your code there.

How To Redeem Xdefiant Twitch Drop

The code for the closed beta will only work for the first two days and nights the service is live. After watching streams for thirty minutes, you can redeem your code by going to the Twitch Drops inventory page.

How Do I Connect My Ubisoft Account to Twitch? To earn XDefiant Twitch drops, you must link your Ubisoft and Twitch accounts. Before watching streamers for an XDefiant beta code, ensure that your Ubisoft and Twitch accounts are linked.

How To Claim Xdefiant Twitch Drop
How To Claim Xdefiant Twitch Drop

Visit the Ubisoft Drops website to confirm your status or link your account. Check your Twitch connections to determine if you have linked to Ubisoft. If you haven’t already, log in to your Ubisoft account. After completing all of these steps, you can claim the XDefiant beta code and other Twitch drops by watching the streamers for a certain amount of time.

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How To Get Xdefiant Twitch Drop Beta Access

By obtaining a redeem code from the game’s Twitch Drop, players can access and enjoy the XDefiant closed beta. However, to enjoy this exclusive access, a procedure must be followed. Twitch Drops will be in a closed beta from April 13 at 10 a.m. PDT/7 p.m. CEST to April 15 at 7 p.m. CEST/10 a.m. PDT. This special access will be available for the next 48 hours. The method is simple: you must link your Twitch account to your Unisoft account.

Xdefiant posted on their official Twitter account about the beta program. You can check the Tweet below.

Some fortunate individuals can access the beta program, while the rest must wait until the game’s official release date. To learn this, please read our post Is the XDefiant Release Date Coming Soon? Closed Beta Program and Rewards.

How To Obtain Twitch Xdefiant Weapon Skins

In addition to the closed beta code, you can also earn two weapon skins. Both drops will be available until April 23, 11:59 p.m. PST / April 24, 2:00 a.m. EST. The weapon skins will be transferred to the main game if you purchase the expansion.

  • Observe Partnered Streamers for 1 hour to obtain the “Violet” D50 weapon skin.
  • MK 20 SSR “Violet” Weapon Skin: Observe any XDefiant Twitch Drops-enabled streamer for one hour.
  • Once the required time has passed, you can claim these in your Twitch Drops inventory.

This is the procedure for redeeming and claiming XDefiant Twitch Drops. You must watch streams for two and a half hours in order to obtain the Closed Beta code and two weapon skins, so get out there and start watching! If you join the beta, please read our guide on how to resolve the ECHO 02 error. And be sure to check out our XDefiant impressions once you’re done!

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