Fortnite Mrbeast Skin: Price, Release Date & What You Should Know

Fortnite MrBeast Skin: MrBeast’s (not my) true name is Jimmy Donaldson, and he has 116 million subscribers on YouTube and counting. When all of MrBeast’s offshoots are added together, they have the largest following on YouTube.

After gaining notoriety through public and Twitch-streamed acts of charity, Donaldson has branched out into a wide variety of endeavours, including hosting massive competitions with substantial financial awards, playing Minecraft, and selling burgers.

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Fortnite MrBeast Skin

Like the Hulk, MrBeast can be seen in the launch trailer for Chapter 4 – Season 1 being drawn towards the island by the “tendrils” of the Zero Point, so we already have a good idea of how he will look in-game.

The MrBeast jumper and grey slacks he’s wearing are clearly just one of his many go-to looks; a star with Donaldson’s pedigree wouldn’t settle for less. As a result of this collaboration, you will most likely receive multiple MrBeast looks, including one featuring his signature straw hat.

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You can also anticipate additional MrBeast accessories, such as a Beast Burger Back Bling or a circle that corresponds to his many trials. It wouldn’t be surprising if members of his crew, such as Karl Jacobs, showed up at the game as well.

Fortnite MrBeast Skin Price

MrBeast will likely cost roughly 1500 V-Bucks when he finally makes it to the Fortnite Item Shop, in line with the prices of previous Icon Series content developers.

Fortnite MrBeast Skin
Fortnite MrBeast Skin

Image Source: youtube

It’s likely that MrBeast’s skin, along with the rest of his cosmetics, will be sold as part of a bundle for players to purchase.

Fortnite MrBeast Skin Release Date

When asked about the release date of the MrBeast skin for Fortnite, Epic has taken the uncommon step of stating that it will arrive somewhere in December 2022, likely around the same time as My Hero Academia, which is presently speculated to arrive on December 16th.

We don’t have a more precise release date than that, but it wouldn’t be too insane to see it launched right around Christmas time given that Winterfest 2022 is coming up, the season of giving, and that MrBeast is the master of giving.

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