NBA 2k24 Error Code 4b538e50 Possible Reasons: How To Fix It?

Today, September 8, 2023, NBA 2k24 is finally available on all platforms. The popular sports simulation game has returned with its latest version, and basketball lovers who also happen to be gamers are eager to discover what this year’s title has to offer. However, numerous gamers have already reported faults with the game. The error code 4b538e50 has been encountered by players on several occasions.

This problem has totally prevented players from logging in to the game. If you’re reading this because you’ve run into this problem, keep reading since this article will go over the probable causes and solutions to this problem.

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NBA 2k24 Error Code 4b538e50 Possible Reasons

The primary cause of this issue is that the data for NBA 2k24 has not been completely downloaded into your console or your computer. This can happen on either platform. Players who encounter this issue are unable to continue playing the game until the most current patch has been completely downloaded and installed on their systems.

Unless the user has deactivated the option to prevent automatic downloads of game updates, those updates should always be downloaded automatically, regardless of the platform being used.

You can also check the NBA Official Gameplay video.

Fix For Error Code 4b538e50 On NBA 2k24

  • To resolve the issue of a game not launching, first, ensure the game has been downloaded completely.
  • Before attempting to launch, confirm the download’s completion by checking the downloads page on your computer or gaming console.
  • If the problem occurs on the Nintendo Switch, perform a system restart promptly by selecting the “Power Off” option.

Here is a YouTube video about the NBA 2K24 Official Season 1 Trailer.

  • Restart both the console and NBA 2k24 to address the issue.
  • On a personal computer or console, a potential solution involves playing a few games in the “Play Now” option.
  • However, if the problem persists, consider taking additional steps.​
  • For PC users, verify the game’s installation files on Steam by right-clicking on the game, selecting “Properties,” then choosing the “Local Files” tab and clicking “Verify the game files.” This step is necessary if the game has completed its download, and you’ve played rounds in “Play Now.”
Error Code 4b538e50
Error Code 4b538e50
  • Console users can explore how to verify file integrity on their respective platforms.
  • Ensure that the storage drive where you plan to install the game has sufficient free space.
  • Regardless of the platform, the classic “turn it off, turn it on again” strategy is worth a try.
  • If the issue persists despite these efforts, consider reaching out to NBA 2k24’s support team.
  • When contacting support, provide a comprehensive account of the troubleshooting steps you’ve already taken to expedite a resolution.

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