Dmz Season 3 Release Date Patch Notes: Barter System, Workbench, And More

Infinity Ward’s new extraction shooter game mode, DMZ, received positive feedback in Season 1, but the following season disappointed several streamers. Season 2 went too far “the wrong way,” according to DMZ expert Westie, who claims the developers didn’t do enough to improve a “semi-broken” beta version.
Stodeh, another DMZ streamer, agreed, claiming that interest in the game was “falling daily.”

The Youtuber believes the community’s growth is hampered by a lack of replayability, long-term progression, and an overemphasis on PVP gameplay. Season 3 gives DMZ new life, so here’s everything you need to know about Dmz Season 3 Release Date.

Workbenches, Barter System, And Operator Slots

DMZ Season 3 emphasizes customization and new experiences with each load. The Barter system allows players to exchange items they have collected for other valuables. Previously, players could not edit contraband weapons. The workbench allows users to either add or remove an attachment from a contraband weapon, making these weapons feel more valuable.

If a player dies, extraction shooters take all of their loot. Active Duty operator slots alleviate that struggle while also allowing community members to strategize. Each player receives three Active Duty operator slots, each with their soldier items, allowing you to choose which operator carries what.

New Forces, Missions, And Backpacks

REDACTED, an unknown faction, is coming to Season 03 with three mission tiers at launch and two more in-season. The third season of DMZ will not reset your mission progress. Furthermore, the new REDACTED Faction, open to all players, will have three mission tiers available at the start of Season 03, with two more coming later in the season.

Secure Backpacks, as the name implies, keep items safe between runs. This means that non-Contraband, non-on-soldier items are kept in your inventory and do not convert to XP when extracted. Furthermore, items in a Secure Backpack are returned to the Active Duty Soldier if they are destroyed in an Extraction Zone. Along with Active Duty Operator slots, this is most likely one of the biggest game changers in the DMZ, as it can help with supply runs and Mission objectives.

Dmz Season 3 Release Date
Dmz Season 3 Release Date

And they both stem from the same concept of perseverance: in the DMZ, you must continue doing missions and tasks despite being knocked down at times. Even if you lose one important mission item, the Secure Backpack will keep it safe (and remember that there is a Barter recipe for it, too). Scavenger Backpacks replace the third weapon slot found in Medium and Large Backpacks with additional item slots. Perfect for completing missions with a large number of valuable items to collect. Check out the all-new game plus mode of God Of War Ragnarök 

Contracts, New Cars, And Bosses

Most Battle Royale Operators are familiar with Supply Runs. Still, now these Contracts are coming to DMZ, and they are only similar in the name: A Supply Run is an excellent contract for gearing up your new Active Duty Operator. Consider it a low-stakes Safecracker: instead of iron safes, your Operator only needs to find wooden crates. Everything is free to take.

The Heavy Chopper has returned, and in Season 03, there will be a new way to privately exfiltrate an Exclusion Zone DMZ, which can help you exfiltrate safely. Operators should brace themselves for new threats across the various Exclusion Zones, as intel suggests that there are two bosses who are [[REDACTED]]. Intel also claims to have discovered deep underground in Al Mazrah. Have you read our latest post related to Breaking Down The Warzone Season 3 Patch Notes?

Conclusion: It seems that DMZ Season 2 received negative feedback from some streamers who felt that the developers didn’t do enough to improve a “semi-broken” beta version. As a result, interest in the game was falling daily, and the lack of replayability, long-term progression, and overemphasis on PVP gameplay was hampering the community’s growth.

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